The best cat food: Most of it is easy to get

What is the best food for cats?

 Cats are among the cutest domestic animals, and cats need proper nutrition to maintain their health and the health of their body systems, and in general cats are carnivores, and for this reason they should always be fed with protein and meat, and the best food for cats is beef, chicken, or rooster cooked and mixed in a small amount Of fats, in addition to well-cooked fish, which improves the eyesight of cats and the health of the rest of its organs, such as the kidneys and heart.

The best cat food: Most of it is easy to get

Animal husbandry experts do not advise feeding cats raw or spoiled meat, as this meat is pathogenic to cats, but it is okay to use canned foods, and sometimes oats, brown rice or barley can be cooked well and mixed with meat, as these whole grains contain an excellent percentage Of protein, eggs are also the best food for cats , and certainly should not be served raw to cats.

Well-cooked sources of protein are the best food for cats, including chicken, beef, turkey, eggs, and fish.

Do food ingredients differ with age? 

Cats, in every period of their life, need food that is suitable for them and different from other periods of their life, and this is because of the difference in the amount of protein that they need, and the difference in the amount of energy that they consume in movement , and in the following paragraphs the most important nutrients that must be available in food Kittens and adult cat food.

Kitten food 

The kitten remains small until it reaches the age of a full year, and kittens can often eat solid foods three weeks after their birth, and the mother is often interested in feeding kittens at this age, but in the absence of the mother, cow's milk should not be given to kittens because it causes digestive problems for them, Alternatively, solid foods soaked in water can be offered, and it is important to provide five meals a day of kitten food until they reach the eighth week.

After eight weeks, the cat breeder is interested in reducing the number of daily meals, and by the age of six months, the cats should suffice with two meals a day, while preserving soft foods until the cats reach the age of one year, and some stores can provide special foods for animals, food for young cats rich in protein, but at the same time Same soft.

 Adult cat food 

Cats often reach puberty when they are a year old, and at this stage cats tend to go out of the house and search for food, or to ask for more food at home, and if they have the opportunity, adult cats will eat 16 meals a day, where food must be weighed The adult cat, and provide it at intermittent intervals, and you can put a little dry adult cat food to eat when you return home, while avoiding putting wet food because it may leave it for another cat or leave it to spoil.

The food behavior of adult cats begins to change, for this reason it is important to provide two plastic bowls that are easy to clean, and allocate one for food and the other for water, while keeping them apart, and it is worth noting the importance of placing food bowls in a clean place and away from the waste bin or bathroom.

In general, cats need food rich in protein at all stages of their lives, but cat behavior plays a role in their acceptance of food, and for this reason it is important to offer cats food in a loving way so that they eat all of their food.

Should you change your cat's food when she's pregnant? 

The gestation period for cats ranges from 58 to 70 days, and a pregnant cat definitely needs a different method of feeding it, as a pregnant cat’s need for food increases by 50% compared to a non-pregnant cat, and it is important to provide only wet food to a pregnant cat to facilitate digestion, and it should That the food of the pregnant cat includes an excellent proportion of proteins, vitamins , and a number of nutrients that are excellent for the health of cats.

 Boiled chicken or meat can also be mixed with wet pregnant cat food , to support it with more protein, and no change in the cat's nutritional behavior may be noticed in the first weeks of pregnancy, but it is important that the pregnant cat's food be available on an ongoing basis, while avoiding dividing meals And veterinarians advise to monitor the cat and put wet food when it goes directly to its food bowl, because leaving it in the bowl for a long time can spoil it. 

The pregnant cat's food changes, and this is because she needs a greater amount of protein than the cat before her pregnancy.

Which is better for cats wet or dry food? 

Both wet food and dry food have many negatives and positives, and for this reason it is important to know the nature and health of cats. For example, wet cat food is better for cats suffering from constipation, and this is because wet cat food contains 60% of water, in addition to Wet food contains fewer calories and is therefore ideal for cats with an excellent appetite. 

On the other hand, the disadvantages of wet cat food are that it is more expensive and spoils faster compared to dry food. As for the benefits of dry food, it includes increased calories for cats that suffer from a low appetite. Dry food can also be added to some cat games, which the cat does. Solve puzzles to get food.

 It is important to provide a sufficient amount of water if the cat's diet is based on dry food, because it only contains 14% at most of water, and in return dry cat food is cheaper and does not spoil quickly compared to wet food.

It is not possible to determine preference between wet cat food and dry cat food, as preference is based on a number of factors such as budget, the status of the cat's excretory system and the weight of the cat.

Which is better for cats, fresh or canned food? 

When comparing fresh or canned food for cats, the choice of veterinarians always tends to be fresh food, and this is because canned food contains a percentage of carbohydrates higher than allowed, in addition to that canned food for cats includes some substances that give it a gelatinous texture instead of liquid, for example These materials contain potato starch, tapioca starch, xanthan gum , agar and various other materials called thickening agents.

Thickening agents can be relatively harmless to healthy cats, and on the other hand, they can exacerbate symptoms of the disease in cats that suffer from infections or digestive problems , in addition to the suffering of old cats from the inability of their digestive system to deal with thickening agents.

Fresh food is better for cats because it contains the amount of nutrients that cats need completely, in addition to the absence of thickening agents, thus maintaining the health of the digestive system of cats, and it can also be noted that the cost of canned food for monthly cats is more compared to fresh food, for example it can be obtained 6.8 kg of fresh food costs about $37, while getting the same amount of canned food costs about $60.

Veterinarians recommend fresh cat food instead of canned food, because it is richer in nutrients important for cats, and does not contain any preservatives or thickening agents, in addition to being less expensive.

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