An easy and quick guide to moving furniture with important principles and recommendations

 An easy and quick guide to moving furniture with important principles and recommendations

How do you move your house

Moving furniture, even his name sends shivers in the body! If you are moving into a house and you are nervous about where to start and what to do so that less effort and time is wasted, especially in the days of Corona, how to stay safe from the dangers of virus transmission, we will guide you step by step in this article. We will provide you with useful principles and recommendations, including Tools needed to move, principles of movement, etc. stay with us

Tools needed to move

Before you start packing your belongings, you need the tools and equipment for the move. Our suggestion to you is as follows:

Boxes and cartons of different sizes

5 cm wide glue

bubble wrap


Garbage bag


ribbon and rope

Of course, the required amount of each of the above items depends on the size of your items. Now that you are familiar with these devices, we will introduce you to the principles of stringing.

Principles of moving furniture

1. Plan to pack things

Consider packing at least two weeks before you move. Like it or not, moving furniture is a lengthy process that cannot be done quickly. You need enough time for planning, correct and regular packing of things and, finally, the main transportation. 

2. Make a list of household items

Write a list of your household items on a piece of paper and then divide it into several categories such as items to get rid of, items to sell, items to exchange, and items to keep. Get rid of things that are no longer useful, sell things that still work but are no longer useful to you, replace things that take up a lot of space and can be replaced with a smaller and more useful model, and finally, keep things that you can also divide this main category into other subcategories. Such as (breakage, electrical appliances, ...)

3. Start packing from the unnecessary parts

Of course, if you first go packing more essential items like dishes and kitchen utensils while your storage items are still gathering dust in the warehouse, you'll run into problems. Be smart and pack items in nonessential order like storage items for moving.

4. Collect the items of each part of the house in order and separately

Pack the items of each part of the house independently and move to the other part after its completion. You can assign the responsibility of collecting the belongings of each part to a family member.

5. Write the type of device and its location on the carton

You are tired enough when you move to a new house and you want to unlock the action packed animation. So you need enough instructions which you already wrote on the cartons by yourself. Therefore, write the type of device and its location on the cartons; Likes:

Cardboard pot → kitchen

Cardboard book → bedroom

Cartoon toys → Children's room and ...

6. Cleaning equipment to prevent contamination

Of course, you don't want pests and pollution to be guests in your new home. So when you pack their things, clean them to prevent contamination, insects and animals like cockroaches and mice from moving into the new home.

7. Separate breakable materials from non-breakable materials

Well, this is an obvious principle in the furniture industry. But you may not follow it out of impatience, in which case you will have to wait for more troubles and troubles. 

8. Have a personal bag of basic necessities

In the first hours of entering a new home and even the first few days, you may feel a bit of a mess; So keep essentials like chargers, headphones, tablets, comfortable clothes, toilet paper, towels, and hygiene items like toothbrushes, toothpaste, shampoo, etc. in a handbag for you and your family. 

9. Finding a reliable and professional shipping company

It is best not to rush and research the moving company you want to use before moving. Reliable and professional equipment and personnel, compliance with hygienic principles, reasonable cost, etc. 

10. Clean up the empty house after moving in

Although you intend to leave the old house and go to a new one, and though you are tired and weary, fairness dictates that you follow the last principles of removing furniture, that is, cleaning up the old house, and not causing discontent and trouble. next resident.

Principles of moving furniture at the time of the epidemic, such as Corona

Disinfect supplies and pack them well before you leave.

 To prevent corona virus, when packing the device, be sure to put everything in the packaging (for example, carton or plastic net).

Pay attention to the traffic ban during the corona quarantine days so that your moving plan is not disturbed.

Traveling by car during the Corona era is less dangerous than moving by plane, so if you intend to move furniture to another city, it is preferable to travel by car.

It is better to use new cartons and plastic bags to pack supplies in Corona era. 

Provide enough disinfectants for you and the delivery staff. Ask employees to wash or disinfect their hands before touching any surface, and to wash or disinfect your hands regularly.

Ensure the health equipment of the shipping company. (Be sure to ask how you can ensure the health of freight workers? Do you use thermometers? Is there enough information about employees' relatives that they are not sick? Also ask if the truck is disinfected before your stuff is loaded? Use of disinfectant, masks and gloves? Is handling equipment disinfected before How often are the exposed surfaces of the truck disinfected? etc.)

Involve fewer people to move to avoid overcrowding and social distancing.

Clearing the new home before moving in and packing.

Disinfect items after moving furniture into the new home. For this purpose, we suggest that you read the article on how to properly disinfect household items.


Recommendations when moving home furniture

 Wrap newspaper around the dishes in addition to their labels.

Put bubble wrap on the bottom and inside of the cartons.

Use empty bags and bags instead of boxes to save space.

The last things you pack are perishable and frozen foods. 

Don't forget to plan a new Internet system before moving into the era of urgent need for the Internet 

What season, day and time is the best time to move?

It can be said that most furniture removals take place at the end of the spring season and throughout the summer season. This choice is due, of course, to more favorable weather, school closures and the time of termination or signing of lease or home purchase contracts. Undoubtedly, moving on a cold, rainy or snowy day or a cloudy day with the possibility of rain is not the right time for this job. But what is the best day of the week to move furniture?

The best time of day to move furniture depends on the distance to the new house, quieter and quieter streets and less traffic, the season you are moving the furniture, etc. For example, in summer, early morning or evening after the air has cooled is a more favorable time, and in winter, before noon.

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