Clean your iron and remove scale in seven easy and practical ways

 In this article, we will teach you ways to clean and descale your iron, including cleaning the iron with vinegar and cleaning the iron with salt, toothpaste, and baking soda. You will also learn how to remove a burn from it.

Removing stains, removing the iron from clothes or cleaning the iron has always been a problem with using this appliance. Iron should be scaled regularly and it is preferable to fill its tank with distilled water. It is also preferable to empty the excess water after each use and cleaning of the iron, so that deposits do not accumulate in it.

One of the reasons for the soiling of the ironing floor is the deposition of watery lime at the source, the dissolution of some clothing details such as pictures and labels during ironing and ironing of synthetic fabrics, acrylic, nylon and polyester, and mineral deposits resulting from use. He pointed to the steam of the iron and the remaining excess water.

By mentioning these basic explanations, we intend to refer to the ways to clean your iron in the rest of this article. stay with us

Clean your iron and remove scale in seven easy and practical ways

Different ways to clean the iron

The iron may get dirty due to the evaporation of water and sediment on it, or even because of burning clothes during ironing. You can use a spray of baking soda or other products to clean the residue and stains left on your ironing board.

If you plan to clean your iron regularly, luckily there are some easy ways to do so. Below we will learn about some of these methods.

1. Clean the iron with vinegar

To clean your iron with vinegar, mix three quarters of a cup of water and one quarter of white vinegar together and then pour this solution into the iron tank. Of course, if you want to use vinegar, read your iron's instructions first to make sure it's OK to pour vinegar into its tank. Now turn on the iron to the highest temperature. Use its steam to thoroughly clean the steam outlet holes.

The next step is to iron a clean cloth for a few minutes. For this purpose, use a cloth that you do not mind getting dirty because some sediment and dirt inside the iron may transfer to it.

After doing these things, the iron is completely cleaned and it is enough to turn it off and wait until it cools down. Also, if there is water or solution left inside the iron tank, drain it.

Steam iron degreaser is one of the items available in the market and you can easily clean your steam irons with it.

2. Clean the iron with salt

The dirtiest part of the iron is its bottom. With the help of salt, you can remove any soot, blackness and dirt from the surface of the iron. For this you will need some salt, a washcloth and thick paper towels.

To do this, put a thick paper towel on the towel and pour salt on the paper towel, set the iron to the highest possible temperature and run it in a circular motion over the salts, you will see that the blackness and soot will simply come off the floor, the iron will be cleaned.

3. Clean the iron with vinegar and salt

This mixture is a great way to get rid of burnt, deposited, and dirty parts of your iron. To clean the iron in this way, follow these steps:

Mix two cups of white vinegar and one cup of salt and heat this mixture on the stove until the salt dissolves, but be careful not to let the vinegar boil.

Let the resulting mixture cool. Wear gloves if you want to prevent your hands from smelling vinegar.

Soak a clean cloth in a mixture of vinegar and salt, then rub it on your ironing board. To do this, you can use a soft brush or an old toothbrush, but if your ironing board is Teflon, do not use a brush, as it can scratch the surface.

The remaining dirt on the iron should be cleaned as much as possible with a cloth dipped in vinegar and salt. If the stain is not completely removed, dip the cloth again into the mixture and repeat the cleaning process. Then you can turn on the iron and wipe the screen with a clean cloth. This will help remove any remaining dirt from the iron.

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