Faucet leak repair manual

Fixing a leaking faucet is not a difficult task and can be done on its own without the help of others. In the next article, we will discuss how to do this.

Housekeeping star - repairing a leaking faucet will be very necessary sometimes. Because it can prevent wasting too much water. Repairing a faucet leak usually requires opening the faucet and replacing its parts, such as the washer. In some cases, it is necessary to completely replace the faucet and replace it with a new one. 

Different types of faucets are usually used in every residential building. For example, the faucets used in the bathroom or kitchen are sometimes different from each other. Of course, sometimes similar valves are used in residential buildings. But the valves used in these buildings are usually different from those used in older buildings.

In general, the faucets used in old and new buildings can be divided into two general categories: combination faucet and lever faucet. Certainly, despite the differences that exist between these two different sets of faucets, the way to fix leaking faucets in them will also be different from each other. In the following article, we will mention how to fix a leaking water tap in both of the mentioned groups.

Mixed faucets are usually used in older buildings. In the mixed sample, there are two valves or better, two separate levers used to open and close the flow of hot and cold water. You may have seen an example of such faucets at least once, where the levers for opening and closing hot and cold water are marked in red and blue, respectively.

Anyway, in the first step of fixing the mixed water faucet, you must first close the water faucet so that we don't see any waste of water after opening the faucet. Next, open the valve cover from both sides using a screwdriver. Of course, this is provided that the valve cover is designed to be bolted on. In some extant examples of combination valves, said cap is placed on their body in the form of a plunger. In any case, after removing the cover and opening the inner screw of the valve, it can be completely opened and removed. Sometimes it is necessary to spend a lot of energy for this work due to the hardness of the milk.

After completing the mentioned steps, you can open the valve core and remove it with the help of an appropriate size wrench. In the next step to repair the mixed water valve, the valve gasket must be removed using a screwdriver. After doing this, it is best to check the bottom of the valve thoroughly so that it does not crack or break.

If the valve bottom is unhealthy and cracks or cracks are observed, it must be completely replaced. In fact, patching a crack in the ground is not wise. If the bottom of the faucet is healthy, the cause of the faucet dripping brainwashers should usually be found. Therefore, it is better to replace the damaged gasket with a new, healthy one. Usually, in combination faucets, the washer on the hot and cold water faucet is replaced at the same time. In fact, if only the gasket of one of these two valves is damaged, it is best to replace both gaskets. This is due to the fact that the gaskets used in the combination valves are the same, it is likely that the second gasket will break sooner or later.

If the mixed milk hazelnut has defects in addition to the washer, it can be replaced with a new, healthy one. After completing the mentioned steps, the washer, nut, handle and valve cover shall be placed in their proper place respectively and shall be firmly fixed by hand or with a wrench. In this way, the steps to repair the drip mixed water faucet are finished.

Repair a leaky faucet

Lever faucets are newer than mixer taps and open and close differently. In these valves, separate circular guides are no longer taken into account for the entry and exit of cold and hot water flows. Instead, we see a single lever to do so. In this set of valves, the opening and closing lever for hot and cold water flow moves horizontally or vertically. This means that said lever can be moved left and right or up and down so that hot or cold water comes out of the faucet.

Two major groups of lever valves are known as cartridge valves and rotary ball valves. Lever valves usually have more resistance than their older counterparts, i.e. combination valves, and later fail. However, their greater strength than the ancient hybrids does not mean that they are invulnerable. In fact, these types of valves, like older models, sometimes wear out and need to replace the washer or nut. Usually, it is common to replace the washer in fixing a lever faucet leak, just like a combination faucet.

How to replace a washer in lever faucet leak repair

To change the gasket on a lever faucet, before doing anything, the water valve must be closed so that no water is lost when opening the valve and its internal components. First, you need to unscrew the valve head bolts. The screws that are often placed under a plastic cap. This cover can be removed with a screwdriver and then using the same screwdriver or Allen wrench to open the screws. Due to constant involvement with water, the valve head bolts are likely to be rusted. For this reason, you can put a little car brake oil on them to make them easier to open.

After removing the aforementioned bolts, we get to the nut of the lever valve. If the faucet head needs to be replaced, it must be removed and replaced with a new one. The steps for replacing the crane valve head are explained in the following text. Therefore, we do not mention them in this part of the text. In any case, in order to continue working and follow the steps to repair the crane faucet, the valve core must be opened with the help of a French wrench.   

After opening the brain, it is sometimes necessary to open a plastic part close to it. Of course, this plastic part is not present on all lever valves and only appears on some. By doing this, you can get the faucet gaskets out and replace them with new ones if they are faulty.

It should be noted that the number of nuts and washers in crane valves is not fixed and this number changes according to the type of valve. The number of rings in lever valves is usually between one and three. However, any of these washers can be replaced with a new one if it is faulty. Changing the washers on crane water valves doesn't cause much trouble and the ultimate need is to open and close a single screw. After replacing the new washers with the old ones, the process of replacing the washer in the crane valve ends. Perhaps the process of replacing the washer in a mixed water faucet seems somewhat easier. In practice, this is the same, but at the same time, replacing the lever valve washers is not so difficult and troublesome.

Most of the time, the repair of a leaking crane faucet ends with the replacement of its washers. This means that gasket failure is a common problem with crane water valves. However, sometimes the problem goes beyond replacing the gasket and the valve core must also be replaced. In this case, you can follow the text below for the steps to replace the lever faucet. 

How to replace the head in a crane faucet leak repair

In addition to replacing the washer, it will be necessary to replace the faucet head in a crane faucet repair. To do this, first of all, the cover that is put on the valve, which is usually made of plastic, must be opened with a screwdriver. With that done, it's time to open the screw behind said little plastic cover. To open this screw, depending on its type, you must use a double-sided screwdriver or an Allen wrench. After the screw is opened, the valve opening and closing lever can be directed upwards to get out of place.

There is usually a cap on the lever style faucet. If this cap is rotated, it will retract completely. By opening it, you can get to the brain and milk cartridge. If these parts are defective, they must be removed and replaced with new ones. Usually, in the lower part of the valve there are grooves that coincide with the edges on the cartridge or, as they say, are closed in it.

When installing the new cartridge in place, be sure to pay attention to the fact that the protrusions of the cartridge are completely enclosed in the grooves of the valve bottom. If the cartridge is held steadily and not rotated, the protrusions on it can be locked in the grooves of the bottom of the valve. After doing this, everything can be put back to the first place and the loose bolts closed. In this way, the process of replacing the brain ends with the process of repairing the water tap.

Steps to delay faucet leak repair

If any type of faucet is treated in a proper manner, its lifespan will surely increase and it will start leaking later than usual. Usually, excessive stress on washers and faucets increases their wear and tear. For this reason, it should not be too tight when the faucet is closed.

Sometimes, after closing the valve, some water remains inside and starts to drip. This problem sometimes causes some people to tighten the faucet as much as possible to prevent it from dripping. But this work usually causes gasket damage and valve core damage. For this reason, it should be avoided. In fact, one of the main reasons why faucets fail is over-tightening them.    

In general, timely replacement of faucet washers increases their useful life. This is why you should replace the water valve gaskets every few years and don't wait for them to leak. If the water valve gaskets are replaced on time, the need to replace them will also be reduced, and there will be no need to repair water valve leaks for a long time.

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