How to open dishwasher tube

How to open dishwasher tube

Opening the dishwasher tube is something that residents of any building or home have to do from time to time. Therefore, it is better to know the correct methods.

It is possible to open the dishwasher tube in different ways. Some methods are simple and do not require special tools. At the same time, there are some of these methods that are more difficult than normal methods, and require special tools and equipment. In the following article, we will mention the most important ways to open a dishwasher tube, from simple and manual methods to complex ones.

A dishwasher pipe blockage is usually caused by a buildup of material from dishwashing in the pipe leading to the sink. Therefore, it can usually be cleaned by cleaning the dishwasher tube from the presence of additional substances. But how is this done and what are the possible ways to open the dishwasher pipe?

As mentioned, some of the ways to open a dishwasher tube are simple and trivial. In these methods, there is usually no need to use special tools and it becomes possible to open the dishwasher tube through the use of natural materials.

 Use of natural materials

1. Use hot water

The easiest way to do this is with hot water. This way you can fill a large kettle with water and heat it to a boil. Next, you have to dump the hot water into the tub pipe with great pressure and all at once. Normally, the excessive heat of the water causes the dishwasher tube to open.

2. Use salt and baking soda

Of course, besides hot water, you can also use a mixture of salt and baking soda. In this way, you can mix half a cup of regular salt with half a cup of baking soda and pour the resulting mixture into the closed tube of the dishwasher. Then, this mixture must be allowed to remain in the tube for twenty minutes and react. Then pour a large amount of boiling water into the tube and wait for the reaction between these two substances. The resulting chemical reaction between the salt and the baking soda causes the particles and grease to dissolve in the pipe and clean the dishwasher's pipe.

3. White vinegar

The same can be done with white vinegar. This means that instead of baking soda and salt, he poured a cup of white vinegar into the sealed dishwasher tube and left it like that for about half an hour. Then, by pouring hot water into the tube, conditions can be created so that the vinegar with its cleaning properties separates the objects and the fat deposited inside the tube from its surface.

In the meantime, you can remove the salt from the mentioned composition and open the dishwasher tube only with the help of baking soda and boiling water. This means that he first poured a cup of baking soda into the dishwasher and left it there for a few minutes. Then he added three cups of boiling water to it to return the taken tube.

A similar result can be achieved if baking soda and vinegar are combined. Mix these two ingredients in the quantities mentioned and pour it into the closed tube. After about an hour, put the tub lid back in place so that no water gets into the tube. Then fill the tub completely with hot water. After doing this, remove the sink cover so that hot water enters the dishwashing tube with great pressure. With the help of this method and the other methods mentioned, we can hope to open the tube.

Open the dishwasher tube through the chemicals

In addition to natural materials that can be easily found in most homes, it is possible to unclog clogged drains through the use of various chemicals.

1. Use dishwashing liquid

Without a doubt, one of the most useful chemicals to be found in any kitchen is dishwashing liquid. To open the dishwashing tube, you can pour 1/4 cup of dishwashing liquid into an empty container and after boiling it with water, empty the resulting mixture into the dishwashing tube. Then you have to add plenty of boiling water to this mixture to open up the tube.

2. Salt essence

If using dishwashing liquid to open stuck pipes is not a solution, salt ink can be used to do so. The way to use salt ink is this way, first we fill a large unused container with three quarters of a gallon of water and then add three cups of salt ink to it. This mixture must be stirred well with an old and unused spoon until it is completely combined with each other. The spoon used for this work must be made of wood. Therefore, try not to use metal spoons to stir the salt-water-ink solution. If you don't have access to a wooden spoon, you can use a piece of wood for this.

When the salt essence is combined with water, great boiling occurs and steam and heat are emitted from the inside of the container containing this solution. Therefore, protective gloves should be used when mixing an ink solution of salt and water, and the face and eyes should also be covered with a protective cover. Because the steam and splattered secretions from the salt solution and water-based ink can cause serious damage to the skin or eyes.

After preparing an ink solution from salt and water, it must be poured into the plugged tube and allowed to stand in the tube for twenty to thirty minutes. Then, you can pour hot water into the clogged pipe to make cleaning easier. Depending on the degree of blockage of the kitchen sink pipe, it is sometimes necessary to repeat this process several times.

If you don't have access to salt extract, you can try your luck with liquid bleach for clothes and dishes. The same material that many people know by the name of one of its older brands, Vitex. To open the dishwasher tube with bleach, a volume equal to a large cup of this substance must be poured directly into the blocked tube. After about ten minutes, hot water should be added with plenty of pressure.

So far, only the process of opening the dishwasher tube with natural or chemical materials has been mentioned. This is despite the fact that sometimes the use of these substances does not give the necessary answer and the dishwasher tube remains closed. In such a situation, you should roll up your sleeves and use some special tools to open the dishwasher tube.

1. Plastic pipe opener

Undoubtedly, the most handy device for doing this, which can be found in most kitchens, is a plastic pipe opener. To use a plastic pipe opener, it is best to first fill the volume of less than half of the basin with water. Then, the stuck pipe can be opened with the help of this device and the suction force generated by it.  

2. Vacuum cleaner

If you use a powerful vacuum cleaner in your home and your powerful vacuum cleaner has the ability to blow air in addition to suction, it can be used to open blocked pipes. To do this, first open the protection or garbage collector in the sink and then place the vacuum cleaner hole in the blocked pipe. Having done this, you can clean the path of the tube by activating the air pump function of the vacuum cleaner.

Of course, some vacuum cleaners are capable of sucking up wet litter as well as dry litter. Therefore, if there is no possibility to pump air, you can use the suction power of the vacuum cleaner to open the dishwasher tube. Of course, this method is most useful when the dishwasher tube is not seriously blocked.

3. Wire or spring

If the mentioned methods are not effective, you should take more serious methods to open the dishwasher pipe. One of the most useful and widely used methods that can be used to open blocked pipes is the wire or spring method. This method is usually performed by those whose main occupation is draining wells and opening pipes. But you can also do it at home in simpler ways.

Well drains usually use long springs with rake-like heads to open stuck pipes. Of course, the tool they use most often is used to open sewer pipes. In fact, you don't need a very long tool to clean the short tube of your dishwasher. So, you can make a simple and homemade tool like a rake to do this.

For example, you can take a thin metal coat hanger or clothes hanger and change its shape from curved to flat. Of course, one end of this metal rod must be designed in the form of a shovel or a hook. Having done this, insert the crooked rod that you designed in the form of a hook into the side washer tube and try to pull the items in this tube out.

Note that the contents of the tube should not be pushed down. Because in this case, there was no need to design the head of the rod in the form of a hook or a rake. In fact, pushing obstructions that caused a pipe blockage can increase the percentage of pipe blockage. In this way, the dishwashing tube can be cleaned and completely opened by the hook-like rod. After completing the process, it is best to wash the blocked pipe with hot water to make it completely clean.      

If this method does not open the dishwasher tube, you can open the U-shaped tube under the sink. Before doing this, it is best to place a large bucket or bowl under the sink so that the contents inside the pipe do not stain the kitchen floor. After opening the fasteners that connect the U-shaped tube to the tube under the sink, empty the contents into the bucket or tube you placed under the sink. Because of the special shape of this tube, a lot of sediment and waste usually accumulate in its corner. Therefore, it is better to thoroughly clean out all these deposits that can lead to blockage of the pipe.

Once you have thoroughly cleaned all parts of the tube and its fittings, put it back in place and tighten it neatly. After doing this, it is unlikely that the dishwasher pipe will continue to become clogged.

Summary of tips for opening the dishwasher tube

Usually, by performing one of the tasks mentioned in the previous lines of this text, the dishwasher pipe blockage is resolved. In fact, opening a dishwasher pipe is much easier than opening a sewer pipe or toilet well. However, if the problem of clogged pipes persists, you can refer to those who work in the field of draining wells and opening sewage pipes and benefit from their experience.  

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