Remove lint from clothes in 11 simple and practical ways

Remove lint from clothes in 11 simple and practical ways

Remove lint from clothes in 11 simple and practical ways

If you have a question, how do we prevent lint from forming on our clothes and what are the best ways to remove lint from clothes? Stay tuned for easy ways to remove lint from clothes.

Perhaps he is already ready for you, he will start to flip through the dress that you like so much and ruin the beauty of the dress. The reason for the formation of this pile is the fibers of threads similar to it, which after a period of use and the passage of time due to friction, these fibers separate from each other and stick together and are seen as round thorns on the surface. clothing surface

What do you do to prevent lint?

Before explaining the methods of removing lint from clothes, if you throw all the clothes into the washing machine in a tangled manner, your clothes may be damaged in terms of color, texture, etc., and lint may fall out from other clothes. So the first thing is to sort the clothes before washing them. In this category, you should pay attention to these points:

Some clothing, such as cotton clothes, velvet, towels, and towels, produce lint. Therefore, they must be washed separately, so as not to damage clothes that absorb lint quickly.

Linen, synthetic, knit and matching fabrics easily attract lint.

No matter what gender your clothes are made of, it's always a good idea to put the clothes inside out in the washing machine. This prevents the garment from fraying and extends the life of the garment.

Before throwing clothes into the car, be sure to check the inside of its pockets. Tissue paper, paper, etc. in the pockets can cause pieces or balls inside the car and stick to your clothes. In this case, the clothes attract more lint and damage the appearance of the clothes.

Try to dry your clothes outdoors with exposure to the wind and air circulation so that the lint is removed from the clothes naturally.


Home ways to remove lint from clothes

Below we will explain to you the easy ways that you can follow to remove lint from clothes, especially woven and velvet clothes:

1. Clean the lint in the washer compartment

The first way to remove lint is to clean the washing machine. When you put lint-producing clothes in the washer, some of that lint also sticks to the walls of the washer chamber, causing more lint to be absorbed later when you put the lint-prone clothes in the washer. Therefore, you should check and clean the car cabin before putting on the clothes.

Also, if your washer is older, you should check your water pump filter and lint filter. If these two filters are not working properly, they will not drain lint from clothes and cause lint to stick to other clothes.

2. Use appropriate softeners to remove lint from clothes

To soften and remove lint from all types of fabrics, especially black ones, you can use the softener at the end of the wash and after drying, put the fabric in a plastic freezer for several hours. You will get better results if you leave it in the fridge for a few hours as it is in plastic.

3. Use lint rollers to remove lint from clothes

There are lint rollers on the market that you can easily use before leaving the house to remove lint from clothes and remove lint from your clothes. These cylinders are available in two types, disposable and multi-use. In the reusable type, the sticky paper that catches lint can be replaced.

The method of using it is very easy, and in this way we move the roller slowly from the top of the clothes to the bottom without pressure, remove it, and repeat this process again. This means that you don't have to make back-and-forth motions on the fabric for it to fluff up. This will damage the fabric.

4. Use a wet pad or sponge

One way to remove lint from clothes is to wet it. Therefore, you can move a pad or sponge so that it is only damp and not wet, on the desired fabric and even on the velvet sofa or carpet to remove the lint. You should do this in the direction of the fabric until all of the lint is removed.

5. Use a blade to remove lint from clothes

Using a shaver is an old and easy way to remove lint from clothes, especially knitwear. But it does require a little skill. Hand pressure on the shaver should not be such that it damages the clothes. To do this method more easily, you can stick the blade to the edge of the comb and do it easier. This way, if the pressure or vibration of your hands changes, the clothes will not be damaged. To use the blade, you have to place it over the clothes and pull it down. Avoid back and forth motion with the blade.

6. Using an electric shaver

An electric shaver works just like a shaver and is suitable for removing lint from clothes, except that it is safer than a shaver and does not damage clothes. This is also done faster.

7. Use a sock or nylon cloth

Nylon stockings or fabrics are excellent lint collectors. In this method, it is enough to take a nylon stocking and pull it over the clothes to collect the lint completely.

8. Use masking tape

You can use 5 or 10 cm tape to remove lint from velvet or mahogany clothes and it absorbs lint quickly. Duct tape actually does the same job as commercial rollers. Wrap tape around your hand with the sticky side facing out, and gently place it on the lint. Then, gently place your hand on the fabric and pull or tug it to lift the lint off the fabric.

You can also use special detergents to remove lint from swimwear; But if you don't have access to a tourist cleaner, you can make a tourist cleaner yourself. To do this, take a magazine, roll it up and put a wide adhesive tape on the top of it, with the adhesive part facing outward, grab the bottom part of it and put it on your clothes. You can also use the paper tubes in the middle of your disposable kitchen wipes to make your own Mahout cleaner.

For delicate garments such as shawls or scarves, it is best to wrap a short ribbon around one or two fingers and grasp the pile carefully so as not to damage the fabric.

9. Use a fine-toothed comb

Fine-toothed combs can be used to remove lint from knitwear. Of course, it collects less fluff than other methods, but it can help if there are no other cases. Remember to pull the comb in the direction of the texture of the fabric and slowly over it so as not to damage the garment.

10. Re-wash clothes without detergent

If you take your clothes out of the car and notice that a lot of lint is stuck on them, it is best to wash them again to remove the lint without detergent and shake them well. After removing the clothes, give them to dry.

11. Remove lint from clothes with vinegar

Vinegar removes lint from clothes and prevents lint from sticking to clothes again. It also makes clothes cleaner. To use the vinegar, pour 1/2 cup of white vinegar into the washing machine.

The bottom line is to remove lint from clothes

All the methods mentioned in this article on removing lint from clothes are completely practical, and if necessary, you can use whichever one is more convenient for you, so that you have neater and cleaner clothes. If you also know another practical way to remove lint from clothes, write to us at the bottom of this page. We are waiting for your excellent comments and suggestions.

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