Technical and non-technical reasons for not cooling the refrigerator

Technical and non-technical reasons for not cooling the refrigerator

The refrigerator not cooling can be caused by technical reasons such as condenser fan motor failure, evaporator fan motor failure, or evaporator freezing. Non-technical reasons such as the refrigerator being full or the freezer area not being clean are also included in this matter.

Not cooling the refrigerator

You open the fridge door to eat cold, healthy food and get sad, but you're faced with warm, suffocating ingredients! First of all, you ask yourself why the refrigerator is not cooling? It is better to find out whether the reason for this is technical or non-technical before taking any action. Be careful and then proceed to fix the cause. Stay with us to check the reasons why the refrigerator is not cooling. 

6 technical reasons why the refrigerator is not cooling 

Usually, there are 6 technical reasons why the refrigerator is not cooling, which we will discuss below. Then other causes of this disorder were mentioned. 

1. The condenser coil is dirty

In refrigerator freezers, there is a compressor whose function is to pump cold air into the compartments by means of two different types of coils;

Condensate coil: It is located at the bottom of the refrigerator.

Evaporator coil: This is usually built into the back of the plate.

The refrigerant, which is in a gaseous state, is first pumped into the condenser coils, where the gas is compressed into a hot liquid; Because the work of the coils is to dissipate heat by passing liquid through them.

Over time, coils absorb dust, dirt, and hair. This dust prevents heat from radiating from the coils and reduces the cooling efficiency of the refrigerator.

To solve this problem, a brush should be used to clean the coils periodically and ensure optimal operation of the refrigerator.

2. Condenser fan motor failure

The function of the condenser fan motor is to pass air through the condenser coils to properly cool the refrigerator, and if they are damaged, the efficiency will drop. This defect is either mechanical or electrical.

Broken blades and non-rotating blades are mechanical causes.

If the power received by the motor is not working, the cause is an electrical fault.


3. Defective relay or capacitor

The capacitor runs in series or series with the auxiliary coil to cycle the compressor on and off, and of course if it is faulty, the compressor may fail to cycle or not operate at all.

4. The evaporator fan motor has failed

The function of the evaporator fan motor is to circulate cool air in the refrigerator and also to cool the coils. So if it is damaged, the cold air will not circulate.

If the evaporator fan motor is noisy while the refrigerator is running or the fan does not move, the motor must be replaced.

5. Malfunction or failure of the temperature control board

The task of this board is to send voltage to the compressor and fan motor, and if they are damaged, the cooling system will not cycle.

The freezer is cold but the fridge is not cold. The fridge is cold but the freezer is hot! This defect may have various causes.

It is suggested that you read the manual so that you can check for yourself if it needs to be cleaned or replaced? First, check the freezer fan vents to see if there is anything blocking it.

6. Freeze the evaporator

Another reason why the refrigerator is not cooling is that the evaporator is frozen. A buildup of frozen dew on evaporator snails causes airflow problems; Therefore, it must be defrosted.

An automatic defrost system consists of a heater, timer, and thermostat, failure of each of which causes the evaporator spirals to freeze and reduce cooling inside the refrigerator.

Other common reasons why the refrigerator is not cooling 

The refrigerator is full: which prevents air circulation and the refrigerator does not cool. Also, some foods may clog refrigerator coolers. Do not place large containers or packages at the end of the refrigerator and in front of the air conditioners.

Defective compressor fan: It needs to either be cleaned or replaced. For this, seek help from a refrigerator repairman. 

Fan vent blocked by frost: Defrost may be broken and freezer may appear cold, but food section is warm.

The freezer area is not clean

Defective automatic defrost

Freon gas leaks in old refrigerators

Shortage of power supply: Due to the vibrations of the refrigerator, the power input may be loose.

The temperature control is not set

Emptying the refrigerator or freezer when its doors are opened: In this case, the warm air of the room replaces the cold air of the refrigerator. But if things are placed in it, those materials will absorb the cold and help the refrigerator to stabilize the temperature.

Refrigerator defect: This defect can be tested using a piece of paper. Place a sheet of parchment paper between the refrigerator frame and the door gasket. Then pull out the paper and see if it comes off easily or not; If it comes off easily, there is a problem with the gasket and it needs to be replaced.

Low space behind the refrigerator: causing overheating. So you should be about 3 inches apart.


The conclusion

Finally, it must be said that many problems can occur so that the refrigerator does not work properly and does not perform the cooling process well; However, problems can be avoided by keeping the refrigerator in the right place and at the right temperature. If you encounter this problem, tell us what is the reason why your refrigerator is not cooling and how did you fix it? You can read why a refrigerator's ice maker fails and how to fix it, as well as symptoms and causes of a refrigerator's degassing.

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