The best way to preserve fresh cheese

The best way to preserve fresh cheese

The best way to preserve fresh cheese

If you are one of the people who are interested in using fresh cheese with its wonderful color and aroma, you should also know the methods of storing cheese and the appropriate containers for storing it.

Cheese always has its own and unique place on the Iranian table. From a simple breakfast or snack to a variety of dinners, you can see the effects of this delicious food. Cheese is prepared and consumed in various forms such as cumin cheese, cream cheese, etc. But in order to properly store cheese while preserving its quality and taste, it is necessary to take into account some points. In this article, cheese storage methods, proper vessels, and other key points have been mentioned; be with us

How to store different types of cheese

It is important to pay attention to the type and texture of the cheese when storing cheese. Therefore, below are the popular methods of preserving cheese.

1. Preserving the cheese in salt water

Brine and whey are often used to preserve breakfast cheese. Here are some tips in this regard.

One of the best ways is to buy some whey when buying cheese. In fact, whey contains the curd and preserves the cheese.

If you buy cheese without whey, you must use brine; Pour a spoonful of salt into half a liter of water and put the cheese in it. Make sure that the brine covers the cheese.

The more salt, the harder the cheese.

To soften hard cheese, just put it in boiling and cooled water! (no salt)

Throwing chunks of cheese into thinner or buttermilk also works as well as brine; With the difference that it makes the cheese more delicious.


2. Save hard cheese such as Gouda

Some examples of hard cheeses are: Gouda or Dutch cheese, white cheese, Swiss cheese, and pizza cheese. Pay attention to the following when storing these cheeses.

The cheese storage area must be dry.

For storage of this type of cheese, the lower part of the refrigerator is most suitable.

Cheese breathes, but at the same time it does not need a lot of air; So wrap a piece of parchment paper around the cheese, neither too tight nor too loose.

Change the wrapping paper each time you open the cheese package. Because hard cheese is oily, the absorption of this oil by the paper prevents the cheese from breathing and as a result it becomes moldy.

Steeping hard cheese in olive oil with flavors such as aromatic greens, a few cloves of garlic, or some pepper is an excellent way to preserve this type of cheese.

These cheeses have a higher drying capacity due to their firmer texture. Therefore, it is recommended to put some butter or oil on the cut part.

Wrapping a clean cloth soaked in vinegar around the cheese is another way to prevent it from drying out.

Remember to finally consume these cheeses within 3 to 4 weeks; It is not recommended to store it in the refrigerator for more than this time.


3. Save the local cheese

The diversity of weather and climatic conditions in Iran has led to the emergence of a variety of food products. Meanwhile, cheese is available in great variety all over Iran and each region has its own local cheese. Among the local cheeses, we mention Lagwan cheese, Talish cheese, and Kurdish Tof cheese.

But Lakfan cheese is one of the saltiest cheeses in the world. Brine must be used to keep this cheese fresh. But if you don't like the saltiness of the cheese, you can add salt to the water so that the saltiness of the cheese seeps into the water and becomes less salty.

Unlike Liqvan cheese, which can be found in almost every supermarket, Talash cheese can only be found in Talash itself and among the local population. Taleshi women make cheese from fresh sheep's or goat's milk without skimming the milk cream. After making the cheese, the talshi puts it in the skin of a sheep or goat so that it does not spoil. Certainly, with this method of storage, the aroma and taste of this cheese will be very special and unique.


Convenient container for storing cheese

To properly store cheese, it is necessary to pay attention to the following tips for choosing containers.

 After opening the Aleppo cheese, the cheese is transferred to suitable storage containers, such as glass containers, and whey is added to it.

The desired container must be completely dry and clean.

In the case of hard cheeses such as Gouda cheese, the special cover for these cheeses, which is called the paper or cheese bag, is the best place to store these cheeses. But if the cheese you bought does not have such a lid, use parchment paper and wrap the cheese in it. To prevent the cheese from absorbing the aroma of the ingredients in the refrigerator, wrap the cheese wrapped in paper in a plastic bag or bag.


Symptoms of cheese spoilage

The smell of cheese

Healthy cheese has a strong and distinct aroma.

cheese color

Although different types of cheese can have different colors, there is no doubt that the presence of colors such as pink, dark brown or green are the causes of cheese spoilage.

 Cheese taste     

An unpleasant, bitter or pungent taste can also be a sign that the cheese has gone bad. 

The surface of the cheese becomes sticky

If the surface of the cheese becomes sticky or thin, it is not recommended to use it.

Crush the cheese

These items can also help you make a more accurate diagnosis; Because the texture of healthy cheese has an acceptable consistency and this problem is not difficult to recognize.

The presence of mold on the cheese  

As mentioned earlier, if the mold has affected the taste of the cheese, feel free to throw it away!

The conclusion

Using the methods in this article will help you preserve this precious food for a longer period of time. But at the same time, we always recommend you to buy the necessary quantity and consume the ingredients fresh. The article on determining the freshness of commonly used daily foods will help you choose the right food. Do you have experience in preserving cheese? Please share your experiences and opinions with us in the comments section.

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