The cause of gas stove smoke and its solution

  The cause of gas stove smoke and its solution

The cause of smoking gas stove and its solution

The reason a gas stove smokes is different in new and old stoves. Sometimes the cause is chemical cleaners left on the gas stove. In general, it is not unusual for a gas stove to smoke.

One of the most used household appliances in the kitchen is the gas stove. The stove flame is very important for everyday cooking; But sometimes this flame may not work normally. One of the problems with some old or even new stoves is that they smoke. A problem that is undoubtedly a problem for every kitchen. 

Reason for smoking gas stove

A gas stove smokes due to poor combustion of gas, for various reasons. Of course, why new and old gas stoves smoke are somewhat different from each other, which we will mention below.

1. The reason why there are new gas stoves for smoking

It is normal for new gas stoves to smoke at first. Often, manufacturing companies consider the smoking period of a new gas stove and announce it to the buyer. The reason for the smoke of the new gas stove is the oils that are used during its construction, so you do not have to worry and you can end this period by leaving the stove open without any device on the flame.

2. Smoking old gas stoves

But smoking old gas stoves has other reasons. One of the reasons for this is its use over time. Sometimes, it is possible that oil or grease has been spilled on the burner flame, which can cause a fire. If this happens to your flames, you need to clean it to remove the smoke.

Gas problems that lead to smoking

As mentioned earlier, gas stove smoke is caused by poor combustion of the gas in the burner. If the above things are not the cause of your gas stove smoking, there is likely a technical issue that caused the flames to catch fire. Some of these problems are: 

1. Yellow burning gas stove flame

One of the signs that a fireplace flame could eventually turn into smoke is a change in the color of the flame from blue to yellow. Yellowing of the flame is a sign of poor gas combustion. The reason for this is the lack of air in the mixture. To fix it, you need to slightly open your gas stove mixer screen.

2. High gas-to-air ratio

Another reason a gas stove smokes when in use is the burner's high gas-to-air ratio. To solve this problem, you need to reduce the amount of gas to get rid of the smoke caused by too much gas.

The conclusion

Most of the time, the gas stove smoke is caused by our wrong behavior when using the gas stove. For example, one of the things that causes smoke in flames is washing the stove with chemicals. Traces of chemicals left on the flame can cause the stove to smoke. Therefore, to solve this problem, be careful when using or cleaning the gas stove.

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