Ways to chop onions without shedding tears

Ways to chop onions without shedding tears

Ways to chop onions without shedding tears

Onions produce gas that stimulates the lacrimal glands. To chop onions without shedding tears, you can use simple methods like putting onions in the freezer, immersing them in water, using cups, etc. Why do onions make you cry and how can you prevent this from happening? Onions consist of an outer covering (a colored layer), the fleshy part that we eat, and the final part that we call the root. When you remove this lower root part from an onion, it produces an enzyme, and that enzyme reacts with the other parts of the onion to produce gas. When this gas combines with water, it produces acid, and if this acid gets into your eyes, your eyes become acidic! So if you want to know how to chop onions without shedding tears, follow the instructions that will be given later in this article.

Ways to chop onions without shedding tears

1- Chop onions without tears and without special tools

Use a sharp knife. Enzymes are released when cells are crushed or broken, so using a sharp knife instead of grating or mashing an onion will release fewer enzymes. Regardless of whether or not you use a specific cutting technique, using the right knife will speed things up.

Place the onions in the freezer for 10 to 15 minutes before chopping them. This reduces the amount of acidic enzyme and does not affect the taste of the onion. This method was the best way to prevent TV presenters and chefs from shedding tears. The fridge can do the same, just make sure not to put onions next to potatoes or apples. In addition, onions should not be left in the refrigerator for a long time, 20 minutes is enough for this, because after this time, an unpleasant odor will be produced in the refrigerator.

Chop the onion under the water. This is also an effective method, but it is a bit more difficult to chop onions in water, because onions sometimes become slippery and slip out of your hands. Additionally, drying and separating onions can be difficult and not worth the time. So if you want to use this method, plan for these issues in advance. Some people think that this can be done under running water, but this also has its own problems and takes a lot of water. Therefore, it is not recommended.

Chop onions in hot water or steam. Chopping onions next to a steamer or pot of water is another way to chop onions without shedding tears. The reason for this is the combination of water vapor and gas caused by the onion, which eliminates its effect and prevents rupture.

Breathe in with your mouth open and your tongue out. In this way, the moisture of the tongue absorbs the gases produced by the onion. The olfactory nerves that are located near the tear ducts are not affected in this way, and as a result there will be no tears. While chopping onions, as soon as you breathe through your nose, tears start to flow.

Soak the onions in the water. In this method, onion enzymes change depending on the surrounding climate. But keep in mind that this will reduce some of the flavor of the onion and make the onion more slippery than usual, making it more difficult to chop. If you like the mild taste of onions, try this method.

We cut the knife perpendicular to the veins of the onion. Since there are many vessels in the structure of the onion flesh, it is best to keep the knife perpendicular to these vessels so that these vessels are less open and enzymes are not released. Of course, even the smallest amount of air can lead enzymes into your eyes. You can put a fan next to you to direct the onion smell in another direction.

Whistle while chopping onions. The whistling creates a current of air around your face, which pushes the air away from you. This will keep the onion tear particles out of your eyes.

Put a piece of bread in your mouth. Many people believe that chewing bread while chopping onions prevents tear production. Chew the bread very slowly so that the bread is soaked in your mouth for a long time. By doing this, more saliva is produced in the mouth, which can be a little difficult to control, but it is better than shedding tears.


 2- Chop onions without tears with a simple tool

Use safety glasses or a mask. If you have swimming goggles at home or safety goggles for hairdressers or doctors, you can use them. This is one of the best ways. In this case, no air containing onion enzymes will enter your eyes, but if these glasses are not placed well on your face, the air may reach the eyes and it will be the same soup and the same bowl!

Chop onions next to a fan, an extractor, or a window. By doing this, the gases from onions will be removed from your eyes. Chop onions on the stove, under the lid, or by the window and enjoy the breeze and the cooking.

Use a similar acidic solution. An ionic or acidic solution can alter the enzymes of the onion. For this purpose, there are some home installations, namely:

- Pour the vinegar on a special cooking plate and chop the onions on it.

Soak onions in a solution of water and salt. The ionic solution inactivates the enzymes of the onion. Of course, this measure slightly affects the taste of onions.

- Use a candle. Before chopping onions, light a candle and hold it next to your hand. The gas released from the lamp is drawn towards the candle flame. However, this method is not the best option for chopping onions without shedding tears. Some believe that this only removes the smell of onions.

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