What do you do when you are stuck in an elevator?

What do you do when you are stuck in an elevator?

What do you do when you are stuck in an elevator?

Elevators, like any other device, can have problems, but the question is what do you do when you are stuck in an elevator? At this time, you should keep calm and try to warn others by using the emergency bell in the elevator, shouting, etc.

Although elevators had many problems at the beginning, today with the progress made by engineers, they believe that this device does not pose a threat to people's lives. Of course, there is still a possibility that you will fail. So you better know what to do when you are stuck in the elevator? If you are also interested in this matter, stay with us. Below, we'll discuss what to do and what to avoid when you're stuck in an elevator.

There is no doubt that when you realize that you are stuck in the elevator, you will feel a sense of fear and panic, but the best thing you can do in such a situation is to keep your calm, beware that acting in haste will not help you. So first take a deep breath and stay calm.

If the elevator light goes out, find a light source. When the elevator is dark, you can use your mobile phone light. Press the call button, this will alert the elevator maintenance employee or building officials that there is a problem with the elevator. This is the fastest and best way to help you.


Use the call button

If you do not receive a response from pressing the call button, you can check your mobile phone and call the fire department if you have an alarm. If you still don't get an answer, press the bell button several times.

After that, if you are still in the elevator, press the button to open the door. This button may work in such case and it will open the elevator door for you.

After that there is another button called the button to close the door and if you press it the door may vibrate and open.

If you are unable to call for help and your efforts so far have been fruitless, try to get the attention of people outside the elevator. If you try the call button or try to make a call and don't get a response, try yelling or communicating outside the elevator. Shouting to those outside the elevator can indicate that you are trapped.

If none of the above methods helped you, don't worry. Wait a bit, other residents of the building will use the elevator and notice the problem, so in such a situation, if you don't get the result, wait a bit. If you are alone in the elevator, try to occupy yourself with something to keep yourself calm.

Note: When opening the elevator door, press the door opening button to ensure that the elevator will not move when you exit.

What are the reasons for stopping the elevator?

Elevator stops can happen for one of the following reasons.

1. Power outage

One of the reasons why an elevator stops working is a power outage, which can happen for any reason. Of course, if the building is equipped with emergency power, don't worry because the elevator will continue to work and take you to the first floor.

2. Improper use of the elevator

A factor that elevator users sometimes do not pay attention to is the elevator usage instructions, especially its capacity. Pay attention to the capacity or number of passengers the elevator can accommodate. This problem can cause problems with the mechanical performance of the elevator and cause it to stop working.

3. The elevator is out of order

Another factor in elevator failure is the presence of defects in it. The elevator is an electrical device that may break down for any reason. If the elevator encounters a problem during operation, it will not continue to move in order to keep passengers safe.

What should you not do when you are stuck in an elevator?

As said, be in control and try not to panic. Be careful, if you get affected by the situation and act hastily, you will be in trouble. Don't try to escape through the elevator roof hatch, it's a big mistake. If you see a light between two doors, it means that the elevator has stopped between the doors and you can inform others by shouting or shining a light with your phone, but do not try to open the elevator door by pressing. Doing so may cause the stuck elevator room to vibrate, making it difficult for the rescue team.

At this time, don't work too much with your phone, and keep the battery charged so that you can use it to make calls should any situation arise. Wasting your phone battery can cost you dearly.

When is it better not to use the elevator?

In some cases, you should not use the elevator. Some of these conditions are:

If we know that the elevator has a technical defect, even if it is small, we should not use it and wait until the defect is completely resolved.

If there is a fire in the building, the elevator should not be used. Using the elevator in such a situation can be very dangerous.

After the earthquake, it is not right to use the elevator. So we cannot use it until it is verified that it is working properly.


What do you do if you find someone stuck in an elevator?

If you notice a person or people stuck in the elevator, you, like the people inside the elevator, must remain calm and communicate with them. If a person or persons inside the elevator are experiencing a problem or have a heart condition, notify the Fire and Emergency Department as soon as possible.

In the next step, carefully check whether the elevator room has stopped at the building floor level, and if it has stopped at the building level, you can open the door with the emergency key. The emergency key is usually in the hands of the building manager or one of the residents. Otherwise, call the fire department as soon as possible so that they can remove people from the elevator room according to their training and experience.

The conclusion

Using elevators in today's cities has become a daily thing and that is why you may face issues while using this device. Do not forget that the first condition is that you keep calm, if you have problems in this area, we advise you what is relaxation? Don't miss Do you know of any other way to get stuck in an elevator? If so, don't forget to share it with us.

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