Benefits of the hobby

Benefits of the hobby

One of the benefits of practicing the hobby

  • Contribute to building personality.
  • Good for the body.
  • Help improve mental health.
  • Creativity improved.
  • Soothe the soul.
  • Reduce stress.
  • Strengthen relationships.
  • Career improvement.
  • Help in retirement.
  • Provides additional income.
  • Help to thank others.

Good for the body:  Some hobbies help the body to stay active, and they also help the person to remain young, so it is good, for example, to go for a walk, or to go out and breathe the fresh air, and it is possible not to make it as a deliberate exercise, but to consider it as a hobby like walking Skiing, Rowing, Swimming, Weightlifting, Shooting, Hunting.

Helps improve mental health:  Hobbies lead to chemical reactions in the brain that may prevent mental illness in some people, in addition to that it may enhance mental alertness and focus.

Improved creativity:  When practicing beloved hobbies, it helps calm the mind and enjoyment, and thus helps to think better and thus improve creativity.

Calming the Soul : Doing a favorite hobby has been likened to meditation, meaning it is a great way to calm the mind and connect and thus calm the soul.

Reduce stress:  Everyone in this stressful life needs to practice something healthy that removes their thinking about negative problems or challenges, as practicing pleasant hobbies helps to relax and forget the struggles we faced during the day and thus reduces stress and tension.

Strengthening relationships:  One of the great advantages that we get from practicing hobbies is strengthening relationships, as finding things to do with friends or family that help strengthen and maintain bonds for life, including doing outdoor activities such as hiking or fishing.

Improving professional life:  Hobbies may improve some skills that we did not know existed before, as creative skills, design skills, sales skills or communication skills, communication skills or work skills are among the skills that can be improved, which may later help in job promotion. .

Helps in the retirement period:  Unfortunately, there are many people who have retired from work, and after a year or two they have died due to boredom or lack of activity, and it is possible to practice hobbies to enjoy an enjoyable life after working life, so when you retire it is better to indulge immediately in the pursuit of any hobby.

Provides additional income:  Although some do not want to turn their hobby into a business, some of them can take advantage of hobbies to earn extra income, and sometimes some of them may decide to leave their usual job and start working full-time with their hobby.

Help to thank others:  This is by introducing another person to your favorite hobby, such as a child without a father or a girl without a mother, or any single person who needs a companion, and it is possible to make beautiful things and gift them to others, as it may be a special way of expressing gratitude to others.

One of the benefits of practicing the hobby is to contribute to building personality

Indeed, one of the benefits of practicing a hobby is contributing to building a personality , and this is due to the fact that hobbies provide its practitioners with more physical challenges, such as rock climbing, heights, or kayaking. In addition, practicing a beloved hobby helps to know oneself, strengthen weaknesses, and increase the ability to confront The pressures of life, as well as thinking creatively, and practicing hobbies helps to rejuvenate the body, increase energy and motivate to complete daily tasks without feeling bored.

Hobbies that help build personality

  • meditation and yoga.
  • Play puzzles.
  • Artistical works.
  • Learn a new language.
  • cooking.

Aside from hobbies helping to overcome boredom and increase feelings of happiness, some hobbies also provide many other benefits such as boosting self-confidence and self-esteem, including:

Meditation and Yoga:  Meditation and yoga direct the mind to inner peace, which helps  to enhance willpower and focus and helps to strengthen the immune system. Meditation helps to significantly reduce depression, stress and anxiety, which are the main causes of a restless mind.

Thus, getting rid of these factors helps greatly in improving concentration, and thus increasing the level of productivity, and this will in turn lead to building confidence and enhancing self-esteem.

Playing puzzles:  Playing  and solving puzzles makes the mind work continuously, which makes a person go beyond the limits of his mind. It is worth noting that  puzzle games and crossword puzzles are considered one of the most good brain stimulants, which can improve mental strength, self-confidence and self-esteem.

Artworks:  These are hobbies that can be practiced in a relaxed and non-competitive environment. It is worth noting that they open the creative windows of the mind. The  usual paintings and watercolor drawings can help make a person choose embroidery instead, that is, they help open the mind.

Learning a new language:  Learning different languages ​​helps greatly in professional fields by expanding and diversifying professional life options. Learning a new language on your own can be a  difficult task, and for this reason we find that many tend to leave it in the middle of the road, but it is better not to give up. and persistence.

 Cooking  Cooking provides 3 different benefits, as it is a wonderful hobby and helps to give good health and contributes to saving money. Instead of eating ready-made food regularly, it is possible to buy some simple ingredients and try to cook easy dishes at first. The more cooked, the better the food.

Hobbies that increase self-confidence

  • Positive self-talk.
  • Contribute time to do social work.
  • Learn a new musical instrument or dance to build confidence.

Positive self-talk: Positive self-talk can turn into a great self-enhancement, and   the  self-talk session should contain constructive criticism, compliments, remembering achievements, repeating the positive comments we got from other people, and most importantly trying to raise morale.

Contribute time to do social work:    Helping others, especially those in need, is one of the best ways to make a person feel happy and entitled, so it is better to find time to do social work  .

Learn a new musical instrument or dance to build confidence:   Playing any wonderful musical instrument is one of the most adopted hobbies all over the world as it not only  takes us to a different world, but also improves fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination and cognitive development Apart from increasing IQ it is possible to dance to music as well.

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