Benefits of positive friendship

Benefits of positive friendship

One of the positive benefits of friendship 

  • Bring happiness to your life.
  • Improve your self-esteem.
  • Overcoming loss and trauma.
  • different points of view.
  • Improving mental health.

A friend can see the best in you, and that is when you are unable to discover that in yourself. A friend is the only person who will support you and defend you against all those who reject you. By telling you what you don't want to hear, that is, he will never cheat on you, and that's when you act against your interests, friendships change our lives so that they become more meaningful, a true friend accepts you as you are , and will even give you the benefit of the doubt when others are ready to cross you out of the dictionary Their lives, a true friend never seeks to betray your trust and is someone who will keep your secrets forever without ever giving out that secret.

 Surely you have heard of the term fair-weather friends, and they are the friends that you only see there when things are going well with you, and when you are in a bad situation, but this is not considered a true friend because it is true A friend is the one you find in the best and worst situations that you always see by your side supporting you There was an old story that someone told him that when he bought a new car, he said that when he owned the car, he knew many friends, or better yet, many friends approached him, but when his car broke down, he did not see any of them, so they approached him only for the sake of delivering them on his way, and these are the so-called friends of interest, but those who are real remain, who are his support.

Bring happiness into your life: Having friends or making new friends will, of course, bring joy and excitement to your life. For example, if you are at work and there is a meeting that will last for a week in the company you work for, and that company is located only hours away from your home, and during a business trip it is not You know a lot of people, and in light of the work and your discussions and all of these things, you will notice that you enjoy when you are in the company of certain people on the trip, based on the common denominators between you. If it were not for the presence of friends, the business trip would be more difficult than it is, and friendship has many benefits that bring happiness is enough for you to know that a friend always thinks of you and never forgets you, in any of your situations. For example, When a friend of yours knows that you are going through a difficult or stressful situation at work or in your life in general, he does what is required of him. To the fullest extent and without even asking him to do so, in order to give you self-confidence, so that you can face your problems and solve them.

Improve your self-esteem:   A good friend always sees the best in us, and strengthens our self-confidence, even when we cannot see it within ourselves, and this is one of the most important benefits of a positive friendship in general, as this is the greatest degree of friendship, and these friends are called the greats They are the ones who direct us to the best, support, encourage and appreciate ourselves in times of failure and disappointment that befall us. 

Overcoming loss and trauma:   Loss is always heartbreaking and traumatic for us, especially when it is the loss of loved ones or even exposure to an accident or calamity that led to trauma, then we need someone who stands beside us who is caring, loving and Patient, giving us emotional support that we are definitely in Need, a good friend is the one who helps us overcome our loss and the many traumas we are exposed to.

Different points of view:   Each of us has different points of view, and it is known that the difference in opinion does not spoil friendship, but rather we benefit from it, and this is also considered one of the very great benefits of friendship, because The difference in points of view allows us to open our perceptions more and open the field of discussion, and know what it revolves in the minds of others by casting it, and therefore all of this benefits us, as it makes us see things from a completely different perspective and makes us see things that we did not see ourselves, but through discussion in the difference of opinion. 

Improving mental health:   all studies indicate that having friends has the ability to improve our psychological state, strengthen and support us, and protect us from the bad influence that we are exposed to from the difficulties we face and the stressors, and it also He protects us from the feeling of loneliness that we feel.

One of the benefits of positive friendship is increased social bonds

Yes,   one of the benefits of a positive friendship is to increase social bonds.

When we make new friends, it of course gives us a new beginning in our lives and gives us the ability to meet new people and enjoy their company. A true friend will celebrate with you your successes without feeling any jealousy or hatred towards you. He will spend all his time with you without getting bored. Introducing you to people while preserving you, he will develop your social ties, and he will be keen on that, he will trust and support you, and therefore you must be careful to search for a true friend with honest and sincere principles and values, When you need him, he will see him in front of you without any delay, keen on developing, recognizing and encouraging your talents.

One of the benefits of positive friendship is the development of knowledge

Yes,   one of the benefits of positive friendship is the development of knowledge   .  And once you get to know a new friend, you will also know many other friends for sure, and thus work to develop your knowledge, because you will interfere in your friend's life more and more until you reach the family, and that will certainly make you a better person who is able to benefit from the experiences of others and the matter may also extend to the relationship of lineage and kinship through marriage, all through the development of knowledge gained through the increase of new friends. 

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