Characteristics of a talking person and what is the analysis of his personality?

Characteristics of a talkative person and what is the analysis of his personality?

Characteristics of a talking person and what is the analysis of his personality?

Characteristics of a talkative person and analysis of his personality

  • Talking to a stranger is fun

A talkative person is characterized by talking to all people, even to a stranger, and he enjoys talking to them without feeling embarrassed, in all places, whether in a restaurant or means of transportation, and in the first meeting, and this is a characteristic that only a talkative person is characterized by.

  • He initiates most conversations

A talkative person always initiates conversations by himself with a group of friends or family members, and he cannot sit still for some time. He cannot even start various conversations with those around him without stopping. .

  • Sharing news is a must

A talkative person always talks a lot about many ideas and conversations, so he shares news with everyone, whether it is good or bad news, without waiting or choosing the right person to share these ideas, and this is what makes the other person annoyed and does not feel comfortable while talking, and he also explains the idea at length long.

  • He has an opinion on everything

A talkative person always expresses his own opinions without asking people about it, and he always shares his own wisdom on all topics without asking, and this is what makes the discussion noisy and useless for people.

  • Time is never enough

A talkative person considers conversations to be an enjoyable thing for him, so no matter how long he talks, it is not enough because he needs the greatest amount of time to chat with everyone, despite everyone's need for the least minutes to follow up on their daily tasks, unlike the talkative person who wants all the time to complete his speech, so he always feels that time is not Enough.

  • He can't keep secrets

Because a talkative person talks a lot, this means that he does not keep private conversations or secrets of other people or his own secrets because he loves to talk to everyone around him, and this is considered one of the worst characteristics of a talkative person.

  • Half of the day he goes to talk on the phone

It is not strange to see a talkative person who talks a lot on the phone at all times, even during work time, when walking around the street, or when doing important things, as he can continue talking on the phone for long hours without feeling tired or bored.

  • He should be told to stop talking

A talkative person feels pleasure and happiness from chattering and talking a lot without feeling the other person what he feels of boredom and boredom, especially when he moves from one topic to another without ending, so many times he is told to stop talking, but from people close to him because he does not feel embarrassed, such as a group friends, relatives or parents.

  • People are waiting for their turn to speak

A talkative person feels that he has a lot of topics and conversations that he would like to discuss with the people around him, so he is always and continuously talking without feeling tired and moving from one topic to another, and this is what makes those around him consider his turn in the conversation without interrupting and before moving on to another topic.

  • Every question has an answer

When discussing a talkative person, you will find that all the questions you ask him have an answer without thinking, and this does not mean that they are wrong, but sometimes he answers in order to gossip or talk non-stop, and he may provide many answers to only one question, and this does not Fits with the rules of speech.

  • Eating means more talking

A talkative person does not choose the right time to talk or discuss people, and this is considered one of the criteria for talking so that he can talk during meal time and does not respect food etiquette, nor can he wait until the food is finished.

The talkative person in psychology

Everyone describes the talkative person as a person who thinks a lot about what he wants to say, even if it is incorrect or unreal, and that he is always telling false rumors and does not feel insulted. He can also say embarrassing or hurtful words without feeling what others feel from this conversation, but psychology believes that A talkative person has other characteristics, and Megan Robbins, an assistant professor of psychology at the University of California, says, “a lot of talk or talkativeness is a characteristic that comes very naturally to a person.” She also explained that this characteristic comes automatically with the beginning of opening conversations or sharing information with others.

As David Ludden, Professor of Psychology at Georgia Gwinnett College and author of “Psychology of Language: An Integrated Approach” and author of “It’s Not Necessarily Negative,” and author of “It Can Be Positive or Neutral,” he said in an interview with the Journal of Social Psychological and Personality Science of 2019 that he and his friend found that a talkative person continued to talk about one topic for a period of 52 continuous minutes, and when analyzing this period for a group of people who talk a lot, we will find that the topic is very boring and the tasks required to be done will not continue, in addition to when analyzing this period we will find There is a percentage of 15% of gossip that has a negative impact on all parties, and a very small percentage that may sometimes have a slight benefit, which may not exceed 9%, and the rest is not listened to.

Analysis of the personality of the talkative man

When analyzing the personality of a man who talks a lot, there are characteristics that characterize a talkative person, especially in men. These characteristics are:

  • compressed speech

This type of speech includes that it is fast and strong, so it is difficult to stop it despite the attempts of others to do so. It is also characterized as speaking at a rate of more than action and speaking very quickly and cannot control or think about his words before revealing them because he moves from one idea to another because of the gathering of all thoughts in his head.

  • talkative  _

When analyzing the personality of the talkative man, specifically the talkative husband, you may find that he is increasingly speaking fast, which makes the other person find it difficult to say what he wants or to wait for his turn to speak. Speech does not differ much from compressed speech, but in this type a man may use a lot of good terminology, and he is not quick in moving between ideas.

  • muddled talk

Although the speaking person talks about many hadiths and topics and his speech is confused, it is difficult to get rid of the chatter, as this type of man is characterized by being quick to move between different topics without defining a break between them or without a A link between all the places he moved between them, which makes him use Many random words are meaningless or clarified, so a lot of speech is unclear, disorganized, and fast, which makes the other person nervous and unable to communicate with him.

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