Characteristics of a weak man

Characteristics of a weak man

Weak personality traits

The weakness of a man's personality can be detected through thirteen characteristics, and they are as follows:

  1. He is not characterized by openness and honesty when communicating with others, as all his words are gas and vague words, and he accepts possibility and avoids expressing his own opinion.
  2. One of his most famous words is well, it is possible, perhaps, and what you agree on, and he is always in the safety zone, away from his bias towards any of the parties to the discussion.
  3. He wants you to support him financially indefinitely and he doesn't want to be involved in anything and he's not ashamed that you're doing it.
  4.  He is not able to choose the appropriate words for the situation of dissatisfaction and he cannot express correctly, perhaps due to his lack of confidence, understanding and empathy, and he is unable to control what comes out of him, whether it is saying or doing, in addition to that he does not bear responsibility for what he does and he does not have any tool for improvement communication.
  5. He does not have an understanding of the strengths that exist in him and he is not aware of his weaknesses, as he follows others when forming points of view and opinions, and he derives the energy to achieve something internal of his own from external sources. It is very difficult to give him a helping hand, as he does not know who is right and who no.
  6. He expects others to take care of him and solve his own problems on his behalf, and these things he does on purpose, he is fully aware of his action, but he finds other ways to make others laugh at doing those things, and all of this indicates weak mentality.
  7. He cannot empathize with anyone, whether he is struggling, challenging, adventurous, trying a new experience, and trying to underestimate others.
  8. He does not respect all women, including you, as weak men are known to hate women, and he tries to belittle their status and spread frustration and weakness in them, and this is so that he can feel strong and that he is the owner of control, and all this is planned for him so that he can hide and be able to cover up the fact that he is weak and has no place.
  9. He cannot acknowledge children in the event that he has children, as his repeated failure to include his children with him and interact with them socially begins to deny their existence.
  10. It is not possible for him to fulfill his word, for what can be agreed upon from what he said with his action does not exceed ten percent, and the fact that a man said something and did not act on it, this is evidence that he has no help or character, and he is nothing but weak. One of his famous sentences is that I know what I say and I will do it. But lays no justification.
  11. Unstable in his practical and social life, as his thinking is harmful and leads to the occurrence of toxic things that lead to the failure of the relationship. He derives his strength from the presence of an unstable atmosphere resulting from his internal instability, because his actions are a mirror of what hides him. He may happen in one of these ways, and perhaps all of them create arguments And the occurrence of betrayal and insult.
  12. He is characterized by compulsive lying, which he practices until he reaches what he wants, and refuses to face what frightens him, in addition to denying the existence of fears.
  13. He leaves the problems that he is the main cause of without dealing with him, so he escapes from the difficulties and does not look for solutions, so he disclaims his responsibility, as he lures others to solve his problems, by showing his weakness to others and most of the time they blame him, this is one of the characteristics of the weak, unlike the strong man Who removes everything that gets in the way and does what he wants and puts solutions and plans

Shaky personality traits

  1. He is in competition with the group of people who are competing to show you love, in addition to that he always needs to tell him that he possesses your feelings more than anyone and that he is valuable.
  2. He tries to be a person and makes his physical fitness the driving force of his cognitive behavior. The deficiency in his personality and mentality is compensated for by appearance and form in comparison that occurs between him and others. For example, if someone is taller than him, he will wear high shoes until he becomes taller. He makes an intense effort to hide the truth that does not exist. accepts it.
  3. His pattern of behavior is erratic and he often shouts at you in addition to being insulted, and all of this is due to losing his control over his emotions and directing him to wrong behaviors only.
  4. He is known to be anarchic, as he starts screaming and gets into a fit of rage if what he wants does not happen as he wants.
  5. He mishandles verbally as he is always chatty and always tends to everything that is chaotic and talks about absent individuals and extracts their personality defects, as this may satisfy his weakness.

The man is weak in character in front of his family

  • He pours and signs his wrong behaviors on you, so he constantly criticizes you for your behaviors. He will search for the smallest details so that he can show his wrong version of the behavior that you follow, and this is all in front of his family. He also shows the truth of his personality weakness, but by trying to replace someone other than himself.
  • He is not responsible for money and does not undertake any financial tasks. A sane, adult person can control himself, shape his future, preserve his life, and his level is compatible with those around him, and he is characterized by stability so that he can achieve financial efficiency.
    Characteristics of a weak husband in front of his family
  • He can't take any responsibility and find excuses for anything until he gets rid of the idea of ​​being in command.
  • He cannot be a leading person who undertakes the task of planning and executing a group of things, but rather a subordinate person who resorts to someone to direct him.
  • He is not a source of confidence for his wife, as he leaves her to bear all responsibilities.
  • He leaves his wife in bad situations and throws the worst accusations at her, does not defend her or give her a helping hand, and creates excuses and justifications that have no logic.
  • He neglects his wife and her overall needs, whether they are feelings, or he assumes sharing with her some things or others, and preoccupies himself with others.
  • He prefers to please others over his wife, even if they are strangers, so that they do not see him as bad.

Treatment of personality weakness in men

  •  Expressing gratitude, and you must tell those who help you that you appreciate them, and this must appear in your words and actions.
  • You have to deal with more honesty and integrity, and you must be honest in both your notes and your feelings, what you say you stick to.
  • Ask about the reactions that others have about what you do and say, and you must be humble and have a broad spirit.
  • Be aware of who you are and what you want to do and set yourself weekly and yearly goals.
  • You have to learn empathy and how to understand and understand all experiences.
  • The role of others is to see things from their perspective and listen to what they say and give them attention.

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