Examples of positive thinking and negative thinking

Examples of positive thinking and negative thinking

Examples of positive thinking and negative thinking

Examples of negative and positive thinking

Some people think that positive thinking is a kind of imaginary thinking, and unrealistic thinking that is based on dreams and aspirations, and this is not true, and there is a difference between illogical imagination and positive thinking, and positive thinking is based on practical steps and an objective view, not just dreams and wishes. Knowledge of positive thinking through some examples of it, including the following:

  • First example 

The first example is that whoever is looking for a job keeps telling himself, or even to the people around him, that unemployment is widespread, the labor market has stopped, and there is no hope for a job. From each his mode, and other ideas similar to that.

As for the one with positive thinking  on the same question, he will say something different, which is that I will work on developing my skills, I will improve my capabilities, acquire new tools, and take advantage of the time  to  get training so that I can compete in the labor market and seize a distinguished job opportunity, and I will strive in the beginning Until I reach what I want, and I will use my time, my capabilities, and every minute I have or effort that can be made, and I will strive as much as possible to get what I need to reach what I want and seek.

  • Second example

A second example of thinking where the negative person thinks that there is no point in applying for jobs, that he is not fit, that he is a failure, that all his interviews end in rejection, that there is no hope for a job, and other negative feelings and thoughts.

As for the person with positive thinking,  he will look for how to hold a successful job interview and train for it well, look for enhancing his chances of being accepted, prepare the appropriate clothes, learn some useful resonant phrases, and research the history of the company he is applying for before the interview and other ways to strengthen his position, and learn from each Interview what will benefit him for the next interview in order to succeed.

  • Third example

 An example of  negative thinking  is when a person says I do not know English well, which will affect me in getting a good job, and that work is now for people with languages, and it is not possible to compete with my level in languages.

Positive thinking  says about itself that my language level can improve in a reasonable period if I give myself two hours a day to work on improving it, whether through paid courses or free courses, and try to enrich the language and conversation so that I can compete in the labor market in a big way.

  • Fourth example

Another example of needs in negative thinking. A person might say that everyone around me owns a house, a car, and luxuries, and I cannot reach what they have reached, and I will stay in my place because I do not have what they have, and I have no possibilities to become like them.

As for  the person with positive thinking  , he says that I do not now have the price of the car and the house, but if I organize my budget, arrange my affairs, increase my working hours, and rationalize my expenses, I can get a car, even in installments soon, and through the car, I use it with my job of connecting others so that I can pay I can search for a small house, and with the increase in work, I can buy it, and I can search for a house on the outskirts of the city so that its price is lower, and my car will help me move around easily.

  • Fifth example 

A new negative example of relationships with people. Negative thinking says that my relationship with those around me is bad, and I do not think that they love me, and I do not think that this may happen one day, and I will remain alone without friends or loved ones, and that all my relationships are superficial and failed, and I do not have a single healthy relationship Successful.

As for positive thinking,  its owner says: I need to understand those around me more, so that I can make strong and successful relationships, and pay attention to what annoys others in my personality, and I also think that if I make some effort towards those whom I think are good and friendly, we may soon become friends, and he thinks of ways It increases intimacy, affection and love, such as gifts, sincere praise, support in sorrows, and pleasure for others in joys.

How to turn negative thinking into positive

One of the most methods and methods that contribute to positive thinking is thinking about the challenge that a person faces in his life, then writing down those goals and then writing down the personality that the person will adopt in order to achieve these goals and the skills that you want him to develop so that he can reach that personality.

Among such important skills, for example, tact in speech or speaking in front of the public and others, psychologists say that thinking helps in raising awareness in getting rid of negative thinking and also finding everything that is considered positive in what the individual faces in the hours of his day.

The person must record his thoughts on a written paper to determine what is negative, and convince himself that he is able to work and achieve, and that the person is not as weak as he thinks of himself. When he consciously challenges the negative thought, he will see that what was in him were just wrong thoughts, and the person must To think rationally and arrange his thoughts so that the individual can gain positive thinking, get rid of negative thinking, and become organized and aware of his abilities and approach his work and projects with a lot of discipline and determination.

Phrases about positive thinking

A person needs to talk to himself and others with phrases that contain positive words that help him move forward, expel negative thoughts, and strive in a positive spirit, towards radiance in life. Positive motivating phrases can be used as an alternative to negative phrases, to push the soul forward, including:

  • I can do whatever I want if I believe in determination.
  • Some good planning and I will reach my goals.
  • I can learn what I'm missing so I can reach my dreams.
  • Every new day brings hope for the best.
  • Endeavor and diligence will not be wasted without benefit, and it will bear fruit.
  • If I can develop my skills, I will get what I want.
  • If I could spend time each day learning what I lack, my life would change for the better.

Positive thinking skills

Each person can develop his positive thinking skills, improve and develop his life to be in a better place in this world, and use positive thinking to move forward. Positive thinking skills can be used, and these skills lie in following the following steps:

  • Constantly observing thoughts, excluding negative ones, and focusing on positive thinking.
  • Set goals, then prioritize them.
  • The necessity of launching, and not introverting oneself.
  • Controlling negative emotions, not allowing them to spread, and indulging in them.
  • The trend towards conclusive evidence, and not diving into delusional assumptions without evidence.
  • Avoid using absolute words, and replace them with other motivating words.
  • Experience everything new and available.
  • Liberating thinking from previous experiences and previous attitudes, and striving to renew the outlook on everything. 

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