Gemini woman and beauty

Gemini woman and beauty

What is Gemini

Gemini is an air sign that is ruled by the planet Mercury, and it is considered the planet of communication and thought, and Gemini are those who are born between May 21 to June 21, and this symbol originated in Greek mythology and is known as the twins, as it was said that the twins Pollux and Castor have different fathers But when Castor died, Pollux asked the god Zeus to make these twins, Popox and Castor, immortal and connected together, and that is why Gemini is said to be two-faced or characterized by a double personality, and Gemini people tend to be independent and refuse to receive any orders and always seek freedom in addition to expressing their opinions.

Gemini woman

The Gemini woman is a free spirit and is curious about her environment and the world, but this curiosity does not lead her to exploration, as she is unexplored, but she is very intelligent, and she has the ability to absorb new ideas and information and learn them quickly, in addition to sharing them with others and transferring knowledge, Gemini women Brilliant and sociable, they thrive on adventure and get bored quickly. They always change their lives and have the ability to adapt easily to new environments. Gemini women are characterized by:

  • She always thrives in social circles, as she works as an icebreaker when she meets new people.
  • She adapts to new situations, and this indicates that she makes friends easily in addition to being able to speak whatever is on her mind and explore the depths of her intelligent mind.
  • The Gemini personality is characterized by flexibility and fun, but at the same time it is restless and cannot sit still for a long time. It is always subject to movement and preoccupation, especially in stimulating its mind and thirst for knowledge.
  • The Gemini woman does not commit to her relationships and leaves things incomplete, and this is because her attention gets distracted quickly.
  • The Gemini woman does not allow negativity to drag her down in her quest to try everything.
  • Her stamina allows her to move from one project or activity to another without spending a lot of time on it, and she does everything she does with joy and happiness.
  • She is soft-spoken, knowing that she does not hesitate to take the lead when she gets into any discussion.
  • The Gemini woman tends to make others feel comfortable around her, and the reason lies in her ability to keep an open mind and always be friendly.
  • She does not have the ability to make quick decisions and the reason is that her mind is always turning on different topics, so she finds it difficult to stop her thoughts from wandering.

Gemini girl is a kingdom of beauty

The Gemini girl is distinguished by her soft speech, in addition to being an intelligent and practical girl in thinking. She is a girl with many personalities, as she is distinguished by her strength and richness of ideas, in addition to her beauty saturated with femininity. The Gemini girl is a kingdom of beauty because:

  • Gemini always likes to be attractive, attracting the attention of those around her, and always renewing her looks.
  • She is a girl who loves fashion and beauty, and her special touches add to the clothes she wears, and she tends to classic colors such as black and white.
  • She loves to wear soft fabrics such as chiffon, in addition to wearing accessories such as rings, bracelets, and trendy and unique collars.

Qualities that a Gemini woman loves in a man

The Gemini woman is very romantic and surrounded by men who are fascinated by her charm, and she needs time to find the right man to choose, and the qualities that the Gemini woman loves in a man are manifested in:

  • To have a sense of humor, as the Gemini woman loves to laugh and loves the man who makes her laugh, and she is attracted to the man who laughs at himself easily.
  • That the man has intelligence because the Gemini woman has a quick mind, and that is why she tends to the smart and well-read man.
  • This woman gets bored quickly, so she loves an adventurous man who makes every day different from the previous one. The man who will attract the attention of a Gemini woman must be adventurous in every aspect of life.
  • You feel drawn to a successful man who knows his direction in life and is focused on his work.
  • She loves romance very much, as this is an important aspect in the life of a Gemini woman.

The flaws of a Gemini female

The flaws of the Gemini woman are manifested in:

  • Having two contradictory personalities is one of the main defects of the Gemini female, and this trait is what makes women distinct from the rest of the signs.
  • The Gemini woman can see her very affectionate, but after a while she gets angry quickly and is very harsh, so she considers this personality to be a dual personality, and this is one of her biggest flaws.
  • The Gemini woman is a hesitant person and cannot make quick decisions, but at the same time she is nervous and reckless at times, especially the times when she has to make a specific decision.
  • The Gemini female personality is a mysterious and contradictory personality, in addition to her mood changing and changing within a few seconds, and she does not have long friendships and relationships because she gets bored quickly.

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