How do I behave when meeting others

How do I behave when meeting others

How do I behave when meeting others

How do I behave when meeting others

  • Make your own mark when meeting others
  • The shortest way is to be frank and honest.
  • Be exceptional and extraordinary.
  • Be sure of yourself.
  • Care about other people's feelings.
  • Listen to them carefully.
  • Own their hearts with a smile.
  • Don't forget to use their name when speaking to them.
  • Appreciate their positive behaviour.
  • Get interested in their story.

We all strive to make a good impression, especially in the first meeting with the people around us, and we look for the best way to be memorable people. There are some tips that have positive effects when meeting others:

Make your own mark when meeting others:  A person who engages positively with others always attracts attention, so be willing to engage in the conversation when you meet others so that you are noticed.

The shortest way is to be frank and honest:  People feel comfortable and familiar with honest people, as this makes them feel safe and encourages them to remove barriers between each other.

Be exceptional and extraordinary:  One of the tips that will always make you in the memory of others is to be an exceptional and different person, and this will always make you in memory when you meet others.

Be confident in yourself:  Body language can say a lot about you when you meet other people, so rely on it to show your confidence when dealing with others.

Take care of other people's feelings:  Arousing feelings is one of the good ways to communicate with those around you, so to make a good impression when you meet others, you have to make them feel something good.

Be an engaged listener:  The most popular people are the ones who listen well and seriously, so be a good listener when you meet others to understand their intentions and also to be closer to them.

Own their hearts with a smile:  The shortest way to own people's hearts is to smile at them, as this will leave a good impression on you and indicate that you are well prepared to talk to those around you.

Do not forget to use their name when talking to them:  One of the most embarrassing situations is to forget someone's name when you meet them, so it is necessary to mention the names of others when you meet them so that they know that they are in your circle of interest.

Appreciate their positive behavior:  Always appreciate positive behavior when you meet others. Acknowledgment of gratitude and gratitude are good things that confirm that a person is humble with those around him.

Be interested in their story:  everyone has their own story that you must remember that it can be completely different from yours, try as much as possible to show interest in the stories of the people you meet.

Some tips on how to be close to a group of others

  • Push yourself to talk more than usual and to take the lead at times.
  • Don't put too much pressure on yourself to be close to others.
  • Don't ask too many questions in the first interview when you meet other people.
  • You must know that other people differ in the degree of openness and acceptance of others.
  • You don't have to feel like you're in an audition and everyone around you is watching the way you act.
  • You don't have to be the center of attention or go over the top to be admired.
  • You don't have to fit in with everyone or do something more than usual, just be a mirror of yourself.

Common mistakes you make when meeting new people

  • Avoid eye contact.
  • Weak handshake.
  • Forget other people's names.
  • to look distracted.
  • Preoccupation with your phone too much.
  • Sharing a lot of information.
  • Waiting for your turn to speak.
  • Using the wrong body language.
  • You have nothing to say.
  • Leaving the place too early.
  • Forget about exchanging contact information.

There are many mistakes that can be made when meeting others, which can show your personality in a wrong or indifferent manner, and may lead to leaving impressions and misconceptions about you and this idea remains stuck in their minds even if it was committed unintentionally, and among these mistakes:

Avoid eye contact:  Many people are unable to make sharp eye contact when they are close to others, especially if they meet them for the first time, but this behavior leaves an impression of lack of familiarity and tension, so it is best to try to take a deep breath and communicate as much as possible.

Weak handshake:  One of the actions that have a role in leaving a good impression when meeting others is shaking hands, so try to avoid cold handshakes with others that will leave an inappropriate impression on you.

Forgetting other people's names:  It is difficult to remember everyone's names, but you can use an indirect method if you forget someone's name in order to avoid getting into an embarrassing situation.

To appear distracted:  It is unacceptable when meeting other people to appear distracted or uninterested, so try as much as possible to show interest in the people around you, especially when they are talking.

Preoccupation with your phone too much:  If you want to make a good impression with those around you, it is necessary that you do not make them feel excessively preoccupied with your phone, as this will leave an inappropriate impression of the way he is present with others, because you are not interested in them or do not appreciate them.

Exchanging a lot of information:  When meeting others for the first time, it is important to make your conversation close to the heart, but without adding a lot of information about you, especially in the field of work, to avoid giving the impression that you are a person who talks a lot.

Waiting for your turn to speak:  One of the closest ways to communicate with others is to participate. Waiting for your turn to speak may give the impression of you not caring about what is going on around you or being a non-acting person. Therefore, try as much as possible to be close and communicate with others and participate in their conversations instead of staying next to them waiting for your turn to speak. .

Using the wrong body language:  Body language, like eye contact, has a great ability to leave a strong impression when communicating with others, whether positive or negative, so choose carefully the way you stand, sit, or move your hands when you meet others, to avoid creating any barriers between you and them.

You have nothing to say:  When you feel that you have nothing to say or share, try as much as possible not to show it and you can make eye contact instead or show your body language in a positive way that suggests sharing with those around you.

Leaving the place too early:  In order to get to know others properly, you must stay with them sufficiently in the gathering place and not devote your presence to one person, but rather distribute your attention to everyone around you.

Forget about exchanging contact information:  If you are trying to build a friendship network with others, you will need to stay in touch with them, and one of the best ways to do that is to exchange contact information with them.

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