How do I deal with people with negative energy?

How do I deal with people with negative energy?

How do I deal with people with negative energy?

How to deal with people with negative energy

Dealing with people is an art, and it has its methods, just as each person has his own style and personality. Understanding people and knowing them in some way contributes to their understanding and proper dealing with them, so that dealing with them does not lead to psychological harm, and also the person does not have to move away from people and isolate. .

There is a type of people called negative people, and there is negative energy that can be transmitted from these negative people to others, and it is known among people that negative  energy is transmitted from one person to another ,  and sometimes it is not possible not to deal with such people because they may be part of the work, Or part of a close personal life circle.

Here dealing is obligatory, but it requires intelligence and wisdom in dealing, and knowledge of the characteristics of negative people, so that they can be dealt with in a proper way, and one of the easiest ways to deal with such people is to deal with indifference, or with a kind of appropriate indifference art, and from other methods of dealing with People with negative energy also:

  • Do not engage with such negative people in dialogue and discussion.
  • Thinking of the negative person positively, and dealing with the best in him.
  • Balance in dealing with the negative person, so that he is given the attention he needs, and appreciation to reduce his negativity.
  • Reducing the periods of being with negative people in one place, and if they are part of the family, it is better not to give them much time, and to take care of the rest of the individuals.
  • Stay away from negative individuals if they are part of the family, and replace them with a walk outside the home if it is difficult to deal with them.
  • Softness and kindness is one of the appropriate ways to deal with negative people.
  • Negative people do not share details of their personal life, and reduce the information given to them.
  • Don't hesitate to help negative people, if possible, and solve their problems.
  • If there is a relationship with the negative person, and they must be dealt with, burdens must be eased for him, help him, and refrain from doing things that may disturb him.
  • Discussion and dialogue with the negative person, while informing him of what causes distress in his way, and what people feel about his negativity, and its impact on them.
  • Advice and guidance for the negative to try to change to the positive, without forcing the negative to do so, bearing in mind that the negative do not accept criticism easily.
  • Choose positive words when dealing with negative people.
  • Pulling back as a form of self-defense while dealing with negative people is essential.
  • Lighting the lights of the negative souls, by helping them see themselves and the positives within them, and the bright parts of them is a good thing.
  • Understanding and understanding negative people, their motives, and the reasons for their arrival in this situation is a catalyst in dealing appropriately with them.
  • Encouraging and urging the passive person to integrate into social life.
  • Don't take negativity from them personally.
  • Not trying to find logic for the negative person's actions.
  • Smiling and optimism is a weapon in dealing with negative people.
  • Quietly withdraw in case you feel negative energy infiltrating the soul.
  • Helping the negative person to control his condition, get out of the circle of thoughts and help him by visiting a specialist, or reading a book, without giving too much advice, so that he does not get bored.

treat the negative person

Dealing with people of different types and personalities, while choosing the appropriate methods of dealing that do not lead to a problem for the person himself, and these methods are the ones that facilitate people’s methods and methods of dealing, and provide appropriate dealing tools, so that people’s characteristics and behavior that differ from each other can be dealt with. .

Treating a negative person needs some important steps, including that people open their hearts to him, get close to them and help them get rid of what they are in, feel them and their problems, and assure them that not everyone around them is trying to harm and destroy them.

It is also important to know that changing a person is not an easy matter, and it is not a simple matter. Therefore, if there is a real desire to help a person, and treat him, it is necessary to make sure that there is time, effort, and the necessary knowledge for that, including reading helpful books, using innovative methods, and consulting specialists in science. Thus, some advice can be given to treat the negative person, including:

  • Relax and sleep well, get long hours of rest, and relax.
  • Eliminate negative thoughts and try to replace them with positive, effective thoughts
  • Stop thinking constantly, not responding to the movement of the mind from idea to idea and from event to event, and prevent the endless sequence of thoughts.
  • Write down negative thoughts and think about replacing them with positive ones.
  • Adopting the method of forgiveness, forgiveness, and forgetting with those around them does not benefit them, rather it benefits the person himself and contributes to treating the negatives.
  • Forgetting and ignoring the past and not diving into its details and pain.
  • View negative thoughts as someone whose harm can be stopped and prevented from continuing to spread by talking to those thoughts as if they were human and dog to leave or stop them.

Draw negative energy from others

Negative energy is sometimes more dangerous than deadly diseases that affect the body because of its effect on souls, which can be saturated with it until it kills the spirit and the soul, and a person can unintentionally or deliberately withdraw negative energy from other people until he finds himself unconsciously immersed in it, so to prevent With this withdrawal, some important steps can be taken, namely:

  • Everyone has faults and advantages, but there are people who only see faults and negatives, and with these people the best solution is not to be influenced by their opinions, even if they are correct, as long as their only way is to see the faults, so they themselves and their opinions must not be seen so that negative energy does not infiltrate the soul Guidance does not depend solely on pointing out the negatives.
  • There is a difference between sympathy and indulgence. Empathy is a refined human feeling. It is the feeling of people’s problems and the extent of their impact on them and their support. But indulging in their problems, considering them the focus of life, and feeling the same feelings of the problem is a negative energy that is not useful. It will not benefit the owner of the problem and will not help him. Rather, there will be two people who fell under The effect of negative energy instead of one person, so you should always pay attention that it is his problem and not your problem, and try to be with sympathy, not indulgence.
  • Listening to negative people with limits and measure, and not being led by them and behind their words and ideas, and putting an end to quietly withdrawing whenever they entered that vortex and refused to get out of it as long as the person is not qualified to protect himself and help them at the same time. The first thing here is to withdraw and not continue, even if temporarily.

How to go from a negative person to a positive person

The difference between the negative person and the positive person is the way of thinking, and the view of things and events around each of them. For a positive person after following several useful tips, including:

  • Choose positive and optimistic company.
  • Imitation of successful people and their behavior, and their simulation.
  • Focus on personal abilities, development and exploitation.
  • Setting goals and ambitions and focusing on them.
  • Thinking positively about ideas, not looking at every matter pessimistically, looking for positive things and following them as an alternative to following negative things.
  • Continuous dialogue with oneself and thoughts, telling negative thoughts and feelings that there is hope, and that there is something better than those thoughts, and constant affirmation of a person's ability to himself that he is capable, and that he can.

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