How do I forget someone I'm attached to

How do I forget someone I'm attached to

How do I forget someone I'm attached to

How do I forget someone I'm attached to

  • Psychological distancing is important.
  • Self-cleansing of attachment.
  • manage life.
  • Stay away from other friends to get away from memories and discussions.
  • The use of psychological suggestion and imagination.
  • Stay away from social media.
  • Flexibility in emotions and bringing out the inner Shakespeare.
  • A diary for taking notes.

Psychological distance is important:  if there are negative psychological feelings towards a person, this person must be forgotten and avoided attachment, there is no benefit in frustration and attachment, and for this it is necessary to focus on the soul and search for what develops it, and it is also possible to pay attention to exercising that helps to feel satisfied, and this He needs enthusiasm and psychological resilience, so what if that person is encountered within months, he should not feel the psychological distress that exists within the attached person.

Purifying oneself from attachment:  Moving away from psychological attachment is an important matter. This is done by not chasing after them, and by purifying oneself, body and spirit. These steps begin with psychological and mental separation, distancing from mutual friends, by spending time away from them, it is very important not to appear. A person who has lost a loved one has swollen eyes or physical exhaustion and grief.

Life management:  Attention is an important matter in life, and for this life must be managed. Examples of this include getting a new job, forming new friendships, attending psychological sessions, and it is also possible to change the town itself.

Staying away from other friends to stay away from memories and discussions:  When attempts to move forward begin, many past memories appear, whether good or negative, sadness is felt for moments of past happiness, or pain is felt as a result of sadness, and for this friends have a great role in the continuity of life in an appropriate manner, and dialogue Between themselves, the person who needs to move away from attachment to a person, does not need to constantly remind him of other people who have accompanied them in this world and felt pain from them.

The use of psychological suggestion and imagination:  It is always preferable to use sessions of psychological meditation for peace of mind and serenity of the soul, and for this reason one must stay away from correspondence with people in any way or search for them to find out their news, and this does not mean that the individual related to a person can easily remove the psychological feeling from the soul, it will not succeed between Today and tonight, Alzheimer’s or memory loss is wished for, but rather that psychological issues are addressed, so that there are no consequences that cause psychological harm in the long term.

Staying away from social media:  blocking and deleting is one of the first steps that can be taken on social media, banning all means that can cause communication with the person related to it, and deleting all pictures and messages that help to feel this person in life.

Flexibility in emotions and bringing out the inner Shakespeare:  communicating with oneself to get out the feelings that cause distress and sadness is one of the most important ways that help psychological and inner peace, such as setting a suitable time on a daily basis, sitting with oneself and starting to write down the inner feelings, whether they are sadness, anger or hate and why they are sensed those feelings? And how to get rid of them? That is, sitting with oneself, befriending it, and trying to search within it honestly is one of the most important points that can be continued to be practiced in order to reach a sound psychological solution.

A diary for taking notes:  Using diary sessions to find out about oneself, meaning observing and evaluating daily internal feelings in an attempt to reach a psychological balance gained through actions and words, which helps to clear the mind on a daily basis.

How to get away from someone attached to it

  • Start setting appropriate goals for life.
  • Listen to music to calm the soul.
  • Travel and trekking.

Start setting appropriate goals for life:  There must be a kind of self-struggle and honesty with it, and this happens with the search for goals, whether those goals are small or large, as they help productivity and preoccupation greatly, and this does not mean that there should be big goals, Goals can be small, helping to pass the abnormal psychological stage over time.

Listening to music for calming the soul:  Music helps meditation and psychological resilience, and helps to get away from psychological pain and take away the suffering soul, because of the details that make the attached person feel weak, and for this reason the day can include some time to listen to music, contemplate life, and do psychological group sessions.

Traveling and traveling:  It is time to relax and get out of self-distress, because there is no benefit for the person who is psychologically attached, from sitting at home and feeling gloomy, and thus it is possible to prepare for a vacation that helps to carry out community activities, because time treats everything and heals the soul from pain, even if the relationship lasts Years and months, the time will come when every human being is looking to get away from attachment to someone and forget them.

Can you forget someone you loved?

Yes,  it is possible with time to forget a person with whom the soul is attached.

 By using steps that address the psychological matters that fall upon the soul, even if future plans reach many common goals, and otherwise the pain of forgetting a person due to separation will disappear with time, even if it comes to sensing the impossibility of living without him, all things can be overcome. Those painful feelings of separation.

The reason to never forget someone you love as first love

  • Try to get away from feelings of fear.
  • Prepares the mind to remember and search for pleasant memories.
  • The extreme vulnerability of human feelings, which causes the future to be affected.

Trying to get away from feelings of fear:  According to psychology experts, there are many reasons that can cause arousal in feelings of fear, and this was explained by Dr. Holly Schiff, PsyD, a clinical psychologist, especially that feelings of love and affection cause an increase in a hormone known as With oxytocin, which helps to consolidate and document feelings between people, and a person feels safe towards other individuals, which makes these people more reassured and open, so that feelings are primarily responsible for the personal development of a person.

Prepare the mind to remember and search for pleasant memories:   the mind is always prepared and thoughts and feelings must be controlled by a person. Psychological, and here we searched for the actual causes of the matter, from the chemical point of view of the people's body, and Dr. Robin Buckley, who is one of the couples' counselors to change cognitive behavior, confirmed that feelings of attachment occur as a result of neurotransmitters in the people's body and those neurotransmitters are what Helps form the state of love, such as endorphins or dopamine and other Hormones, that help to feel comfortable and satisfied.

The strong vulnerability of human feelings, which causes the future to be affected:   There is a so-called behavioral model for future human relationships. This behavior within a person is linked to first love, which causes the release of chemical reactions that affect people emotionally.

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