How do you deal with someone who wants to get away from you

How do you deal with someone who wants to get away from you

How do you deal with someone who wants to get away from you

How do you deal with someone who wants to get away from you

  • Treat the person kindly
  • Excuse yourself if it's hard for you to be with them
  • Give yourself time to grieve
  • Avoid eye contact
  • Pay attention to the other person's body language
  • Write down negative feelings
  • Talk to the doctor

Dealing with the person nicely:  The interview with the person who wants to get away may be very difficult and not a good idea, but the right way is to deal with kindness and a good way.

Excuse yourself if it is difficult for you to be with them:  If you are not feeling well when being with the person who wants to get away, you must excuse yourself for that. This is normal, and you can apologize for being in the same place as him and withdraw in an appropriate way.

Give yourself time to grieve : When someone wants to get away, a person feels sad and let down, but you must know that this is normal and if you feel sad, you may want to try some ways to get rid of these feelings safely:

  • Practice good daily habits
  • Playing sports
  • Get out and walk

Avoid eye contact:  Whether it is at work or family meetings, it is important to make eye contact. Eye contact is important because it indicates respect and equality, so avoiding eye contact can lead to rejection or lack of interest, as many people wonder why others avoid contact. They make eye contact in such situations, and it may be because they feel that eye contact may indicate they are interested in someone or because they are worried that it will give them the wrong impression.

Pay attention to the other person's body language:  Non-verbal cues can be used to read other people's feelings and avoid confrontation, when you pay close attention to a person's body language, it can determine if they are in distress or not, so sometimes it is best to avoid any interaction with the person you are He wants to get away, and also if it turns out that this person is doing things that indicate a desire to get away, then he should avoid visiting the site or trying to find a new place where this person is not present.

Asking for help from friends:  Staying in the same usual environment with the person who wants to get away can lead to an increase in problems, so you should stay away from places where a meeting between the two parties can occur, and this can be done with the help of friends.

Writing negative feelings:  When a person does not want to talk to anyone else, he can write down everything he feels in order to get rid of internal negative feelings.

Talking to a psychiatrist:  When feelings of sadness and anger continue, you can turn to a psychiatrist and explain to him the story of the person who wants to get away to try to get over this difficult relationship.

How to ignore a person

  • Avoid attending places they frequent
  • removed from social media
  • Stop hanging out with mutual friends
  • Create new rituals
  • Disengage as much as possible
  • Don't expect the person to understand you right away
  • determining the goal 

Avoid attending the places they frequent:  This is not always possible, but you can start limiting contact by spending less time together, if you know that he is in a specific place that he prefers not to go to.

Keeping a physical distance is one way to ignore someone without putting in too much uncomfortable effort, this applies to both personal and professional life.

Remove them from social media:  It's hard to completely ignore someone when you're active on social media, after all in some cases it only takes a tap to see what they're up to.

Blocking them removes the temptation to check on them frequently, perhaps the best way to avoid coming back into their lives.

Stop Sitting With Mutual Friends:  This advice can be difficult, and a person may feel pressured to keep all friends, even if they are closely related.

But if you want to ignore someone, you should consider staying away from friends, and it's best to spend time with separate people who don't have any attachment to the person you're ignoring.

Create new rituals:  You may not be able to avoid all the places a person frequents especially if you cannot avoid them completely, however you may be able to limit interactions by changing the routine.

For example, if you want to ignore a co-worker who always drinks coffee in the break room first thing in the morning, consider picking up coffee from home, picking another time to go to break, or going to the break room half an hour after you know she left.

Disengage as much as possible:   It's not always possible to run the other way when you're confronted with someone you don't like, we all have to adhere to different social norms, however you can choose to be discreet and vague during interactions, In other words focus on preventing conflict by avoiding any sensitive topics.

The goal is to stay as boring as possible, not confront them with obnoxious behavior, not reveal any complicated feelings, and not even share your opinions on controversial issues.

Don't expect the person to understand you right away:   Even if intentions are made clear, it doesn't mean the other person will necessarily understand what's going on. Once they notice you're trying to ignore them, they may be more desperate for attention.

And the point here is to avoid giving up too easily, if you really want to ignore someone, they can't be allowed to call all the shots in relationships. This simply gives them power, and makes it seem like you don't really know what you're doing.

Goal Setting:   Knowing the true purpose of ignoring makes the task much easier, and this is because you understand your motives and the purpose of your behavior, it is not just a random response to feeling a certain way.

So try to take the time to think about your priorities. Is this a temporary situation, or are you planning to ignore this person indefinitely?

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