How does the role model affect the person who is being followed

How does the role model affect the person who is being followed

How does the role model affect the person who is being followed

The role model affects the person on the one hand

His behaviour, behavior and actions.

The results show that adolescents with higher levels of self-esteem are also able to set a good example in their lives than those who cannot choose a good example for themselves, especially when young people know their role model on a personal or same-sex level. In addition to that; Establishing positive role models in the family protects young people from negative thoughts and behaviors that may harm their lives. It has also been shown that positive role models reduce the likelihood that young people will encounter risky behaviors such as drug and alcohol abuse and violence. Research has shown that young people who searched for negative role models followed negative behaviors such as drugs. smoking and violence were ultimately more likely to follow the negative behaviors of their role models.

In addition, young people are more likely to choose role models who they feel are similar to themselves; Therefore, they are more likely to seek out people of the same gender who have the same personality as them. Seeing members of their same group exhibit positive role model behaviors helps them see that they also have the potential to develop a healthy, effective, and positive community. Studies also show that students who consider themselves One or both of their parents who set a positive role model have higher rates of success in school than those who identify a positive non-parent role model.

Role model is that person who

They inspire you, or someone whose way of thinking, behavior, or action you try to adopt when you find yourself in certain situations, or someone whose role model will guide you toward a meaningful, successful, and fulfilling life.

Most people do not know their purpose in life, so having a role model can help you set a goal for your life, and the role model does not only inspire a young person to live a decent life; it also guides it by showing what they did in the past to get to where it is now, and you don't have to choose a role model in a higher profession; Rather, you must choose a model that works to maintain good behavior, live a healthy life, and so on.

The difference between a person who has a role model in life and a person who does not, is summarized in the following example: two people are preparing for an interview; One person doesn't know the interview and doesn't have a role model in the field, while the other person has a role model who owns the business they're applying to. You can easily guess who has a better chance of success now. When you set yourself a role model, you tend to follow the exact path. which they followed to reach the goal.

The person who imitates him is characterized by several characteristics, including:

  • good person.
  • Enthusiasm for the goal.
  • Confident and competent leader.
  • Social and interaction with others.
  • erudite.
  • The pursuit of dreams.

Some basic qualities you should look for before choosing your role model, and know that you don't necessarily need to choose just one role model; You can choose several people for each stage of your life but you must be wise enough to follow the positive side of them.

Good human being  When we think of a role model, the first thing that pops into our mind is a person with a good profession, but in reality, you have to follow this person but first you have to choose the person who is a good human being with good character, as he should inspire you to kindness And to become a good human being in your life.

Enthusiasm for the goal  A good role model is someone who is passionate about what they do; Your role model should be someone who has a stable mindset and stays focused on one goal, so the role model can inspire others.

Confident and Competent Leader:  Confidence and ethical leadership are the two essential skills that can shape anyone's career to the brighter side; So your role model must be positive and confident in what he is doing, and it does not matter if he is an engineer or a greengrocer, in all cases he must be confident in his role, and if your role model has excellent leadership skills; You will be automatically inspired to follow his success path.

Social and interaction with others:  Most young people these days follow the path of isolation, which is somewhat good, but disastrous when it is not managed, so you must choose a role model in communicating with people; Your role model should be sociable and a good listener at the same time.

Well-informed  It is necessary to have a role model with in-depth knowledge, so choose a role model who knows things, knows life, and adheres to knowledge and knowledge to be a permanent learner.

Chasing dreams:  The ideal is someone who is consistent with their efforts; Choose a role model who does not give up on their dreams, your role model must have the ability to fight every obstacle between them and their dream, and your role model must inspire you not to give up easily.

Types of role models

  • Set a positive example.
  • negative example.
  • Reverse example.

Like anything in this world, there are many types of role models, they also have positive and negative aspects and we can be influenced by the person we are trying to imitate, whether it is negative or positive so we have to choose this person carefully, also parents should supervise the kids when they start to socialize with others and meeting them, and when they choose to be an example; You have to make sure that they follow the right people, and when a child chooses a model as a teenager; He will be able to distinguish between right and wrong and may not mimic the wrong things he does, but when you are addicted to someone, you are very difficult to control their behaviour; At this time, he plays the role of a parent and you have to take care of them and guide them about their way of life.

Positive role model  It is the person whose success, behavior, and lifestyle you want to imitate in a healthy way and motivate you to progress in your life. He is a positive role model.

A negative role model:  a person with negative natures who gives you negative inspiration and encourages you to bad habits, and this type should never be followed.

Reverse role model  He is a person whose success and behavior motivates you, but you love the system he has and wish to become in his place in a way that leads to dissatisfaction with your life, then he will be a reverse role model.

How to find the right role model

  • the family.
  • read history.
  • Read biographies.

Family:   Our parents and grandparents are often role models in our lives, and they are one of our best choices because they share the values ​​and principles that should guide our lives in the right way.

Reading History   There are countless people in history, in all aspects of life, who can set a great example;  So read history, whether it's business, science, politics or entertainment, there are so many great people out there to admire who could easily become a beacon of light for us.

Reading biographies    Reading biographies of different high achievers will tell us about their beginnings and how they transformed, and we should try to notice their good habits and incorporate them into our routine, and avoid the mistakes they made.

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