How SMART PLAN works

How SMART PLAN works

Every person has a goal in life, whether big or small, whether in the eyes of its owner or in the eyes of people. There are those who aim to get married, another to do their own project, and a third to obtain a specific academic degree, and the goal may be losing kilograms from the body, or reading a book, All of this is one of the goals, whatever the size of that goal.

SMART in literal translation means the smart plan, or smart goals, but in fact it refers in each of the letters to another word, and it is the technology by which the plan works, and it proceeds according to the following:

  • Set specific goals

The word specific goals corresponds to the English word Specific, which is the word that begins with the letter S, the first letter of SMART.

  • Set measurable goals

Measurement, or something that is measurable, means in the English language the word Measurable, ie the second letter M.

  • Set achievable goals

The third letter, which is the letter A, represents the word Attainable, which is something that can actually be achieved.

  • Set relevant goals 

This step represents the letter R for the word Relevant, that is, it has a relationship and a link to your desired goals.

  • Set a time-bound goal

Setting a time-bound goal is represented by the last word Time-Based, which begins with the letter T.

From the foregoing, it becomes clear how to develop a smart plan, but how can a person actually develop a smart plan, so that he can achieve his goals in life, regardless of the type of goal and its purpose, so these are some plans that can represent how smart plans work in a way My work is easy and simple.

How SMART PLAN works to lose weight

In the beginning, the goal should not be general like the idea of ​​losing weight, as it is a general and non-specific idea, contrary to what some people think, but how can it be made an idea or a specific goal, this can be done by saying I want to lose such and such a number of kilograms of my weight, and here It is important to note that specific goals may vary.

For example, I want to lose ten kilograms to reach an ideal weight, or I want to lose ten kilograms to make my appearance better, or I want to lose ten kilograms to make my health better, or I want to lose ten kilograms to increase my self-confidence, here it may be achieving A specific goal, linked to the achievement of another goal, the important thing is that the main goal is not unspecified, as previously stated.

The second step is that this goal be measurable, and not something that cannot be confirmed after a period of time. For example, the idea of ​​​​losing the ten kilograms that we started in the previous goal, which is specific, is measurable in several ways, whether by scale, clothes, or looking in the mirror, and it must not be relied upon. On an immeasurable plane, like feelings, they are not measurable.

The third step is the goals that are acceptable to achieve, so the unattainable goal cannot be considered a smart goal, for example in the weight plan, losing fifteen kilograms per month cannot be considered a smart goal, because it is not achievable, a person cannot lose all this weight naturally, But you can use smart, achievable goals, such as losing eight kilograms in a month, as it is a verifiable number.

The fourth step is to set relevant goals. Are the steps you will follow and what you hope for, things and goals related to each other, or are the goals not connected in the weight loss plan, for example, is preventing sugars a relevant goal, is exercise a relevant goal.

Is visiting a nutritionist a relevant goal, is abstaining from food after seven in the evening a relevant goal, is following a keto diet, or intermittent fasting a relevant goal, everything that is missed is a relevant goal, but the unrelated goal, for example, is breaking a routine Your life, or just your pastime, are all unrelated goals.

The fifth step, for the goal to be time-bound, in the example of weight loss, it cannot be said that I want to lose ten kilos without specifying a time period, and here the limitation is on three levels, which can be prepared within the framework of the plan, and they are a specific goal for a short or medium-term period or long term.

 In the sense of losing eight kilograms in a month, or losing thirty kilos in six months, or losing fifty kilos in a year, and the three levels of the plan can be combined so that the goal is to lose thirty kilos in a year, at twenty-five kilos in six months, and the equivalent of one kilo in the month.

Based on the foregoing, writing these goals and emptying them into a written, arranged paper, and their continuous review to achieve the goals is considered a motivation to reach a successful plan and achieved smart goals.

How SMART PLAN works for business development

As previously, a weight loss plan was made, a smart plan can be made to develop work, and it is done as follows:

The first step  is setting the goal. It is not possible to rely on saying the general goal, which is that I want extra profit, develop my business, or expand production. The goal must be more precisely defined, such as I want to reap twenty thousand dollars in sales, or I want to I open a new branch for my store, or I want to increase the number of my clients to fifty clients, for example.

The second step  is the ability of the goal that is set to be measured, for example, after a period of time, it is easy to calculate twenty thousand dollars, or open a new store, or verify the number of new customers, and their account.

The third step  is for the goal to be achievable. It is not possible for an unemployed person to set a plan to make a profit of a million dollars in a month, or for a small company to set goals to become a global company in months, or with regard to the previous examples, the goal is achievable by By setting a goal that is not realistically impossible, a goal such as increasing customers to fifty customers, opening a new store, or increasing sales are all achievable goals.

Step Four  Related objectives In the previous examples, sleeping early is not what might achieve large sales. It may be useful in organizing time and arranging daily hours in a beneficial way, but its relationship to obtaining higher sales, opening a new store, or increasing customers is not Directly related, but learning e-marketing, learning new advertising methods, or communicating with new companies and customers is a relevant goal.

The fifth step  , which is the time specified for implementation, which is, for example, obtaining twenty thousand dollars within six months, for example, in accordance with the capabilities of the person and the way he works, or increasing customers to fifty customers within a year, or opening a new branch of the store within two years, And so on.

Examples of SMART goals in action

Examples of SMART goals in action can be presented as follows:

  • Achieving a monthly profit double the current profit, and this can be reached and ensured its success within three months, by presenting offers to existing customers.
  • Increase expertise in marketing by attending an intensive three-month course.
  • Move to a higher position in the job by increasing working hours and developing skills.
  • Move to a better company by working on improving your resume weaknesses.

Personal goals at work

Personal goals at work are those goals that do not belong to anyone but their owner, and are related to his work, and among these goals

  • savings.
  • Learn new skills.
  • Expanding the circle of social relations.
  • Obtaining insurance and health benefits.

Goal writing programme

One of the most common methods that can be followed to set goals and follow them up is goal writing programs. In the past, goals were placed in a paper. Now websites, programs, and applications on smart phones have been created to write goals, follow them up, and work to achieve them in a more orderly and appropriate manner. on these applications by searching on the Internet, or benefiting from the experiences of others in their use of these programs.

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