How to calm down a nervous person...and the secrets of dealing with him

How to calm down a nervous person...and the secrets of dealing with him

How to calm down a nervous person...and the secrets of dealing with him

The neurotic person in psychology

A nervous person in general is a person who gets excited over the simplest things, just as a nervous person cannot conduct a positive dialogue, because he is irritable and quick to anger, and he can never control his actions, especially since he is unable to control his nerves or his body movements in times of anger. And it shows easily.

In psychology, a nervous person is defined as a person who suffers from rapid and severe emotional reactions, and the nervousness appears in his behavior and reactions in a clear and exaggerated way.

But more often than not, the nervous person is an important and influential person in our lives, and we cannot in any way get away from him. At this time, we must look for methods and tricks to deal with him, without clashing or running into problems, because this will affect the relationship negatively, especially since The nervous personality cannot easily identify their true feelings, because anger is considered a cover for their true qualities and feelings.

How do you deal with an angry person?

There are ways to deal with the nervous personality, without causing them anxiety or tension, and to avoid their negative reactions to things that offend them or make them anxious:

  • Avoid nervousness and keep calm all the time

It is well known that the nervous personality cannot bear to enter into a discussion with a nervous person in front of her, and a major collision occurs between them, and tension arises because each of them is biased towards his point of view, without accepting the other’s opinion, especially in the case of extreme nervousness among them, in contrast to the calm that makes individuals absorb The nervous person gets angry easily and gets rid of his temper, in which case they can be discussed.

  • Not arguing about a matter settled for him

The nervous personality often feels uncomfortable discussing any of the ideas that she rejects, or feels anxious about, as the mere fact that a person discusses a topic that the nervous person decided to end is tantamount to war for him, so discussion on such topics should be avoided.

  • Reassure the nervous person

A nervous person often appears as a strong person who does not need more feelings, nor the presence of anyone beside him, except that this nervousness is often a reaction to a negative feeling or nervous pressure accumulated by the nervous personality, which makes the nervous person always in dire need of words that make him feel safe One of the most important ways to deal with a nervous person is to talk to him with words that reassure him.

  • Tell him about the positives

Anyone in the world would like to hear words of praise, which make them feel important and loved by people, and the extent of its influence on them, especially the nervous personality because it carries many negative effects within it. Talking about the features makes the nervous person calm down and has a willingness to listen and understand things better.

  • I always offer him help

Kindness is one of the most important qualities that attract people, so offering permanent help is one of the ways of being kind to people, which makes a nervous person calm down a lot, and that makes him able to control his nerves, and the nervous person may be the cause of his nervousness because of his inability to pass any of his affairs or He is caught between two options, and he does not know which one is more correct, so it is possible that offering help to him greatly reduces his stress.

  • Don't talk to him about his negatives

There is no person in general who likes to hear his negatives, especially the nervous personality, who always feels that whoever lists her negatives accuses her of negligence or attacks her. With its negatives or defects, the opportunity must come for that, by choosing the appropriate time and place for that, so that it has the ability to understand and assimilate your intention.

How to absorb the anger of someone dear to you

It is assumed that the nervous personality is a tense personality, who has a lot of psychological and nervous pressure, and she always feels that there is nervous pressure on her from those in front of her, and that he attacks her and wants to harm her, so the nervousness begins as a quick reaction to protect the self from the harm or attack of the personalities, so it must be taken into account Dealing with and avoiding pressure or negative talk:

  • Helping the nervous personality to speak

A nervous person may suffer from a psychological crisis and need to talk about it, but there are many obstacles that make him unable to talk, so allow him to say what is inside him and help him get rid of all negative feelings, as this is one of the solutions that make him a calm person.

  • Smile at him all the time

A smile in general has a special effect, as people feel love towards the people who smile at them and give them positive feelings, and a smile tells people that you love them and that you have more positive feelings towards them.

  • Stop the conversation immediately if it starts to get nervous 

One of the problems that exacerbates matters is to continue the dialogue with a nervous person, as he always feels uncomfortable and the intensity of the dialogue increases in the event that he feels that you are violent or attacking him, so you must avoid any conversation in this case, and postpone the dialogue for a later time.

How do I comfort someone who is angry?

In order to calm down the nervousness of a person, a set of actions must be taken, as follows:

  • Get him out of the place immediately

Changing the place is one of the things advised by psychiatrists. In the case of a person’s intolerance, the conversation must be stopped and the place where the dialogue was heated must be stopped, in order for the person to become better, because staying in the same place will increase the state of the nervous person.

  • Invite him to eat his favorite food

It may seem simple, but for individuals eating a meal that is perfect or pleasant puts them in a better mood and helps them get rid of all negative emotions.

  • Don't give him advice when he's angry

One of the things that exacerbates intolerance is when a nervous person gives any advice, as this may make them feel inferior and increase their feelings of anger and distress, so you should avoid giving any advice at the time of anger.

  • Try to be quiet

Silence at the time of nervousness may calm the matter more than speaking, so do not speak to the nervous person and do not offer him words of blame or admonition, as all you have to do is remain silent because that reduces the intensity of nervousness, And speech can very well make you say a word or open a discussion about A negative thought increases the problem.

  • I suggest a positive idea

Positive thoughts make people think positively. Going out for a walk, to the cinema, or an invitation to the park might be suggested. Going out in general reduces problems and makes people have the opportunity to think positively and face problems very calmly.

  • Avoid reproaches at the time of the problem

Admonition at the time of the problem and anger is one of the drawbacks of the discussion. In this case, the nervous personality is in a state of agitation and a sense of hatred from all those who attack it. Therefore, any admonition about a previous problem or the same problem should be avoided, because that does not solve it, but rather complicates the matter a lot.

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