How to evolve from yourself to become distinguished

How to evolve from yourself to become distinguished

Each person we see in front of us is a unique puzzle consisting of many life experiences, knowledge, emotions and experiences, and each person has his own personal point of view, and it is often driven by the experiences and experiences that he entered into, regardless of the choice that the person made in life, the His journey will leave an imprint on him and the way he interacts with the world.

Distinguished skills in the resume

The most important skills that can be put on a resume are

  • Active listening
  • Communication skill
  • Computer skills
  • Customer service
  • The skill of dealing with others
  • Driving skill
  • Management skills
  • solving problems
  • Time management skill 

The difference between hard and soft skills

Business owners are always looking for people who have a mix of the two different kinds of skills: hard and soft skills.

Hard skills are the skills for work or industry, and they are the technical skills that you learn in school, in programs in which you obtain certificates, training courses or experiences that you gain on the job, and the things preferred in hard skills are

  • Learn to code
  • Learn foreign languages
  • Operate certain equipment or machines

Soft skills, on the other hand, are characteristics that are useful in any job. These skills are usually referred to as social skills and include things like:

  • communication
  • Customer service
  • Problem-solving skill
  • Time management skill
  • Driving skill

Hard skills can be learned while soft skills are difficult to learn because they are personal qualities, hence their importance to employers. In most cases, soft skills can enhance hard skills, for example, if you are a detail-oriented software developer who excels in programming languages ​​on The computer, you can notice errors more accurately and correct problems in the code that you have created with your friends.

As a person looking for a job, it is important to identify your strengths and highlight the best hard and soft skills in order to guarantee your candidacy for the job. It is also useful to think about how the two types of skills relate to each other so that you can talk about these skills in your job interviews.

How do you develop your personal skills to become distinguished

How do you develop your skills at work ? You can develop your personal skills by taking lessons, learning from the people around you, obtaining new skills, and developing your previous skills, and these instructions will help you develop yourself in order to reach excellence:

  • Overcoming your fears:  Fear can be an obstacle for a person to grow and develop. If you are afraid, for example, of speaking in front of people, try to join a group where people are helped to become better speakers. If you are afraid of taking risks, find a mentor to help you. On making good decisions To build your confidence, learn by trying new things that you may not be comfortable doing at first.
  • Observe others:  Observe and learn from others who inspire you. These people can be people you know, such as a supervisor, a family member or a public figure. Learn about the characteristics that you admire in them, and try to apply these characteristics and specifications to yourself.
  • Learn something new:  Learning new skills, whether personally or in educational lessons, is considered one of  the most important areas of development at work . For example, you can take lessons to learn another language, programming language, or learn the creative writing method.
  • Reading:  Reading can expand your knowledge and increase your vocabulary. Reading can also stimulate your mind and improve your critical thinking skills. Try to set a goal, for example, for purposeful reading, about one book per month.
  • Meditation : Many people meditate to clear the mind, increase awareness, and also reduce stress and anxiety. Meditation helps you focus on developing and achieving your goals in a positive, healthy, and calm way, and even taking a simple vacation from work can sometimes help you relax and focus.
  • Get a mentor : If you want to effectively build your personal skills, talk to a mentor. This person could be the manager, someone you trust, or even a qualified private mentor.
  • Ask for criticism and advice:  Try to ask your family, friends or supervisor and co-workers to give you their honest opinion of your work or project. Use their positive comments in addition to their constructive criticism for improvement and development. Sometimes you need an outside opinion in order to get a point of view. hetero.
  • Interact with others:  By interacting with many people, you can learn new ideas and learn how to communicate and work with different personalities. You can build relationships with others that you will benefit from in the future.

Distinctive personal skills that you must acquire at work

These soft skills can help you at work and also help you improve your business

  • Be a good listener:  Part of good communication is to listen carefully to what others are saying, focus on what your colleagues and customers are saying at work so that you remember this information well and respond in an effective way.
  • Trust yourself : If you trust your choices, the people around you will also trust you. This positive energy can help you motivate and cultivate confidence in the people around you as well.
  • Organizing time, work, and tools:  Organize your tasks in order to perform them quickly and easily, and prioritize them so that you perform them at the beginning. If you are an organized person, you can manage work matters more efficiently.
  • Deal with challenges:   When facing any problem, think about all solutions and choose the best solution. It is important to know the right time to ask for advice or look for different solutions. People who have a critical mind can make good choices in work and life.
  • Adapt to changes  : A flexible person can adapt to changes in work and life easily, and can work well, whether in a team or alone, and can manage multiple programs and work in the most severe conditions.
  • Maintain your passion for your work:   People who have integrity at work are usually productive people, and concerned with the quality of work. This dedication to work helps to finish tasks on time.
  • Be honest:   honesty and integrity are the basis for a positive relationship with colleagues and supervisors. Maintain good morals and adhere to your principles. These qualities help you gain respect and a good reputation at work.
  • Mentor the people around you  : Good leadership requires self-confidence, good vision and communication. People with good self-confidence have a great role in the development and productivity of their team without controlling it.

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