internal obstacles to thinking

internal obstacles to thinking

Internal obstacles in thinking related to:

  • Use emotions instead of logic
  • Personal biases
  • Fear of failure or change
  • Presuppositions
  • stubbornness
  • Not believing in your idea

Emotions instead of logic : A person must get rid of emotions in order to think rationally, because emotions are one of the major obstacles to the thinking process. Many people make this mistake when they choose a partner for their life, as they choose this partner based on their feelings towards him and not based on the information that pertains to him.

The right way to choose a husband or wife should not be limited only to feelings, but should depend on information, opinions and surrounding circumstances in addition to feelings. Feelings are part of choosing a life partner, not the main thing.

Personal biases : Personal biases can affect a person's opinion, and these biases relate to previous negative experiences, a defect in the education process, or stress. These biases are among the obstacles to sound thinking because they contradict reason and logic. An example of this is when the manager of a company refuses to hire a person because of his gender, age, religion, or certain behaviors that he does that are not related to work.

Fear of failure : Fear of failure hinders a person's ability to  think creatively  because it prevents a person from dreaming or taking risks, and thus the result is that the person stays in his place without developing himself.

As for the fear of change, it can make a person settle for an inappropriate job because of his fear of taking risks, or to stay in a toxic love or friendship relationship because of his fear of change.

Stubbornness : A person's preoccupation with proving that they are right can hinder their ability to see the big picture. Therefore, his opinions are hasty and incomplete.

Presuppositions:  Presuppositions can confuse a person and make incorrect prejudices. For example, a person may judge who is in front of him and the prejudgment is 100% wrong because he has not actually dealt with him.

Not believing in your idea:  It's hard for someone to do something if they don't believe in it.

How to overcome  internal obstacles in thinking

In the event that you suffer from internal obstacles in thinking, there are tips that can help you, which are:

  • Know your flaws
  • Ignore the emotions
  • Thinking of others
  • Avoid single-mindedness
  • Think outside the box
  • Avoid judging others
  • Accept different opinions
  • Welcoming change

Know Your Flaws:  The first way to improve or solve any problem is through acknowledging the problem. If you can do that, then you've advanced a step in the right thinking path.

Ignoring Emotions : This does not mean that emotions are not a good or important thing in a person's life. But a person should not rely solely on his emotions in judging one thing or evaluating another.

Thinking of others : You should try to put yourself in other people's shoes to understand the reason for their behavior, and a little empathy can greatly help you in developing your insight.

Avoid monolithic thinking:  Always know that there is more than one way to solve a problem or reach a goal. In addition, avoid prejudging others as good or bad.

Think outside the box:  Thinking outside the box involves daring to be unique. And his goal is not only to please the people because it is impossible to please the people. Instead, think, gather information, and make the decision you think is appropriate

Avoid judging others : A person should refrain from judging others in advance. And to make judgments based on dealing with people and not on biased ideas.

Accept different opinions : A person must realize that his opinion is not only the right opinion and what is below it is wrong. Rather, he must accept and listen to opinions different from his own and accept criticism as well.

Welcoming Change : A person should not be afraid of change or of trying something new. Thinking outside the box is essential and part of welcoming change. Because a person who is not ready to make a change will not succeed or develop himself.

external obstacles to thinking

A person may have good thinking abilities, but the external obstacles in thinking are:

  • Lack of money
  • quality of life
  • The surrounding environment
  • Lack of access to good educational resources

Lack of money:  Sometimes poverty is not an obstacle to success, but rather a motivator for a person to strive and insist on success. But sometimes money is an obstacle because the person remains concerned only with food and adequate housing and forgets in the process of struggling to improve his life and his future career. If this person received financial support to cover the costs of higher education, his situation would be much better.

Quality of life:  This is also about having money. Where money and a quality of life help pave the way to success, obstacles can increase the difficulties of a person's success. For example, suppose that someone has to support his wife and children in addition to his family and sick parents, and he is struggling and doing several jobs for this. This person will not be able to succeed and develop compared to someone who has all the conditions that pave the way for success.

Quality of life  includes being healthy, having adequate financial resources, eating healthy foods and following a healthy dietary pattern. Exercising and having positive people around you who support you to succeed.

The surrounding environment:   The influence of the surrounding environment on a person's success and development cannot be neglected.  The surrounding environment includes having good people around you, and staying away from harmful and forbidden behaviors that people can fall into, such as drinking alcohol or so on.

A person should live in a safe environment free from harm, and surround himself with a good wife or a loving family in order to support his success and progress in his work.

Lack of access to good educational resources  : A person may suffer due to the lack of sufficient financial resources from lack of access to good resources, universities, or good schools.  The absence of academic counseling can also lead to a person entering a branch that does not suit him or his creativity, and thus this matter is an obstacle to the person's success and development.

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