Manifestations of human rights violation..and their solutions

Manifestations of human rights violation..and their solutions

Manifestations of human rights violation..and their solutions

The concept of human rights violation

Recently, many violations of human rights have appeared through physical or verbal abuse, which made many organizations take on the task of protecting human rights, and there are many laws that adopt human protection from all violations and assaults of all kinds in order to preserve the sanctity and dignity of the soul Humanity.

Human beings in various parts of the world are exposed to many attacks. These attacks are known as the violation of legitimate and human rights, and these violations are often the result of race, gender, or religion. The concept of human rights violation is defined as “depriving a group of people of their basic rights established for them under Sharia and the law.”

The violation of human rights is also known as the assault on all human economic, social, political, and cultural rights, and dealing with some people as worthless and without rights in society, and these violations often occur as a result of the inability of governments to protect their citizens.

There are also some violations committed by people against each other, such as depriving some people of their right to work to prevent them from living a decent life, or for an individual to expel a person from his home with the aim of depriving him of the right to housing.

manifestations of human rights violations

In many countries of the world, people are exposed to many forms of violations and assaults, whether verbal or physical. The most important manifestations of human rights violations are as follows:

Intimidation and terror

Terrorism is considered one of the most dangerous types of attacks that people are exposed to anywhere, because terrorism and intimidation rob a person of his right to live in safety, as the matter is not limited to people who are terrorized and were victims of terrorism

Rather, the violations, assaults and deprivation of human rights are against the people who carried out these terrorist operations because of the torture they are subjected to in prisons and the deprivation of all their human rights, because this type of violation is a violation of human rights.

Wars and massacres

Wars are considered one of the types and manifestations of human rights violations, because they expose civilians to intimidation, intimidation, and killing, in addition to the demolition of their homes and all service institutions such as hospitals and schools, and destruction of all aspects of life. Wars also lead to the spread of thefts and the arrest and imprisonment of many people without committing any guilt, and this type includes Among the violations is the genocide of human beings based on race or religion, all of these things fall under human rights violations.

deprivation and poverty

Among the manifestations of human rights violation is poverty and deprivation, as nearly 30,000 children around the world are at risk of death due to hunger and poverty. Poverty also robs people of the most basic human rights to housing, food and treatment. communities.

ways of violating human rights

There are many ways in which human rights are violated, and they are as follows:

  • Forced displacement: The way to deprive a person of his right to live is by forcing him to leave his home.
  • Pollution of water sources: where some countries dispose of factory waste in the water, which affects the health of the population, and this is also a way of violating human rights.
  • Hunger: Hunger has spread greatly recently, and there are many famines in many countries that governments have been unable to solve, and this is a way of violating human rights.
  • Negligence in citizen's rights: This is through not spreading cultural awareness among members of society, such as awareness of sexual and reproductive health.
  • Job distinction: It is through job distinction in terms of form, social level, or some religious and political biases.

Violation of human rights

There are many manifestations in which human rights are violated, and they are as follows:

  • Individuals robbed them of their energy by not setting daily working hours.
  • Preventing some individuals from participating in any cultural or artistic activity on the basis of language.
  • Preventing some people from obtaining social assistance, such as the right of some individuals to social security when they work in other countries.
  • Illegal cutting off of water to homes.
  • Depriving women of work in some societies.
  • Not granting working women maternity leave.
  • Not integrating people with special disabilities into society and depriving them of their right to education.
  • More than 50 million children around the world have been subjected to cruel treatment and neglect.
  • Child labor, as the number of children under the legal working age has reached about 246 million children worldwide.
  • Human trafficking is one of the most serious types of human rights violations that has spread recently.
  • More than 300,000 children have participated in wars.

types of human rights

Human rights are classified into several groups, as follows:

  • Economic and social rights.
  • The right to personal safety and security.
  • Freedom of expression and civil liberty.

All international media materials are divided into four groups, which are as follows:

  • All individual and personal rights.
  • The relationship between the individual and the state.
  • human public freedoms.
  • All human social and economic rights.

The right to safety for a person includes that a person lives freely in safety and peace, and to prevent all kinds of abuse, violations and arrests. As for civil liberties, they stipulate the following:

  • Freedom of speech.
  • Freedom of worship and the practice of religious rites.
  • Freedom to marry.
  • Freedom to work and choose suitable jobs.
  • The right to run for elections and vote.

As for the socio-economic rights, it is represented in providing all the basic things in order to live a decent life, and these rights include health, housing, treatment, education, and clothing.

Denial of human rights

The world, especially the Arab countries, has recently witnessed many conflicts and wars, which are among the worst types of violations that millions of people around the world have been subjected to, including the killing, displacement and death of children and women at sea because of their attempt to migrate from the damages of wars, and this is what was witnessed in Syria.

Human rights violations also included the prevention of expression of opinion and the media through closing mouths, political arrests, and unjust imprisonment, by imprisoning opponents and anyone who breaks laws. Some governments have also worked to hide facts from society and mislead it.

Many governments have permitted injustice and killing in order to remain in power, despite the fact that they have fought violations and attacks on human rights in the media, and this is what Western countries have done for the violations they have done to poor countries and third world countries, which have been greatly affected by these violations and led to their economic and political delay due to Western illegal ambitions in these countries, which have exhausted all their resources in order to meet their needs and achieve progress.

Protecting human rights

With the wide spread of all forms of violations to which millions of people are exposed around the world, human rights have made it very important to get rid of all forms of injustice inflicted on many people in order to preserve human dignity and their right to live. a decent life.

And human rights organizations fight all kinds of injustice to man by setting many rules, controls and laws that protect all human rights and provide him with the means of freedom, as these organizations reduce conflicts, conflicts and wars and work to impose the principles of humanity in all countries of the world and oblige them to In the event of a breach of these principles, these countries will be brought before the Security Council.

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