Of the levels of thinking and what is meant by the ability to comprehend?

Of the levels of thinking and what is meant by the ability to comprehend?

Of the levels of thinking and what is meant by the ability to comprehend?

One of the levels of thinking is the ability to comprehend

Understanding is  the level of thinking that helps a person to comprehend  . Understanding is the necessary level that enables a person to link ideas and think rationally and correctly, and to find connections between different ideas. Since ancient times, Greek scholars and thinkers paid attention to levels of thinking and understanding, and focused heavily on thinking skills, including the ability of a person to identify misconceptions.

Understanding is a process that includes the operation of vast areas of the brain, the operation of thinking and the use of logic.

A person who understands a topic asks questions and discusses it instead of accepting the topic as it is, or as posed by the teacher or lecturer, and the person who seeks understanding constantly tries to identify the ideas, assets, and information that make up the whole picture, and discovers what is true and what is not. By analyzing and absorbing information at a deeper level.

A person who thinks critically can identify information and analyze it in a scientifically correct manner, instead of relying on speculation without scientific evidence.

A person who has reached the important level of comprehension and critical thinking can:

Linking different ideas, and finding links that were not clear at first

Determine the importance and relationship of ideas to each other

Recognizing arguments better, defining them and clarifying them

The ability to recognize and evaluate existing problems that impede understanding of a topic, or problems in a scientific question, and to deal with them in a systematic and consistent manner.

Re-evaluating ideas, justifying assumptions and validating or disproving them

Levels of thinking and what is meant by comprehension is comprehension

In order to understand a text, a person must fulfill the basic things required by understanding this text, namely

  • Learn basic ideas and basic details
  • Arranging the information in the correct context
  • The ability to answer simple questions related to remembering
  • Text predictability

Recognize key ideas:  If you ask your pupils to read and understand a text, the first step to understanding is to understand the main topic the text is about, or if you are a teacher of a foreign language and you play an audio recording of two people speaking in that language, the first element to understanding is to understand What this topic is about, and to return to the text read, understanding the basic ideas includes answering the following simple questions, which is why the author wrote this passage? What is the thing that interests us in this passage? Are there more details to understand what they are talking about, or what the text is about? Pupils struggle to understand what the text is mainly about, and this is the first step in understanding the general meaning.

To encourage the pupils to understand the information more, you can help them through simple exercises if they are young, such as giving them different types of foods and asking them to arrange them in the row of sweets, vegetables or fruits, all of which fall under the food category, this matter It helps them better classify the information and put each of them under the category they fall under, but such exercises are suitable for young children.

Arranging information in the right context:  In order for a person to understand a topic, he must understand its order, know the starting point, midpoint, and end point, and in order for a person to make sure that he understands, he must be able to summarize every small paragraph in a sentence or even certain words that explain what is going on. Convert it to the paragraph, and then move on to the next paragraph.

The ability to answer simple questions related to remembering:  If a person wants to understand a text or a topic, he must remember the previous paragraphs and answer simple questions related to his recollection of them, because he will not be able to understand the entire topic if he forgets basic details in the topic, and the information that He must remember them and answer questions about them in topics centered on key points.

The ability to predict the text : This type indicates a comprehensive and complete understanding, and a person cannot do it if the level of his understanding of the text is a superficial understanding, because the ability to predict upcoming events or something similar requires a deep understanding of the thing, and the ability to use previous information and analyze comprehensively. to the topic.

Skills levels of thinking that is intended to be the ability to comprehend

The skills necessary for thinking, understanding and assimilation are:

  • Activate information and use background knowledge
  • ask questions
  • Interfering with reading
  • Summing up

Activating information and using the background knowledge:  This skill requires taking advantage of the previous information that it possesses in order to identify the meanings of words and understand them more clearly. For the first time, the child has a superficial knowledge of dogs, then he continues to learn, so he gets to know more about the types of dogs, their colors, the foods that dogs eat, the correct place of residence for dogs, and the types of dogs that are dangerous to humans. This background has his brain, and he takes advantage of the information he knows to learn new information.

Asking questions  : A person will not be able to understand a specific topic without asking a lot of questions, whether it is in his subconscious mind, or actually asking them. Good questions are helpful in understanding the context of the topic, and allow other readers and people who want to understand to focus on the essential information in a text, and neglect the redundant details that are not useful behind it.

Interference during reading or understanding:   One of the issues facing the understanding process is silent reception and approval of all the things that the teacher says or poses, and this is completely wrong. It is always advised to read between the lines and understand the hidden meanings that the person wants to convey without clarifying them, and asking questions for intervention and discussion, all of which increase comprehension and promote successful reading.

Summary:   In it, the reader can link all the information, and also helps in the process of remembering faster, as a person is more able to remember basic important matters than his ability to remember an entire text.

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