Personal analysis of favorite scent

Personal analysis of favorite scent

Personal analysis of favorite scent

Personalities and analyzed according to the preferred smell

Smells in life have many and various sources, some of which are extracted from plants, and others that are manufactured from materials prepared by humans, and each scent may have an indication of personality and an analysis of it, so the personality of those who love the smell of  gasoline can be analyzed  , for example, as well as the personality in general can be analyzed.

  • Citrus lovers

Citrus lovers are known for several characteristics that unite the owners of this personality, as they resemble this type of scent, and citrus fruits that give a taste to everything that is added to it and may change the taste of everything with its presence, just like citrus lovers, they are people who easily get along quickly, they take charge of matters and responsibilities in situations that call for That being said, strong-minded leaders with great ambition.

Just as they add flavor to everything, they are also like citrus fruits that may dominate the soup if they are added to it, and they are so intense in their influence that they may harm those who are weaker than their strength, so they may be seen as dominant and aggressive as well.  

If there are citrus scent lovers in your life, do not worry, there is no shame in dealing with them, but with caution, whether at work or in your love life, just work hard to understand them to avoid clashing with them.

  • Lovers of the scent of roses or flowers

Roses are one of the plants that are not spared by people, whether they deal with them by touching and picking them, or smelling their scent and leaving them, so the rose is a sensitive plant, and rose lovers are just like it. Make good decisions, are careful and alert, and take good care of their behavior.

They think a lot before acting and doing anything, but they are not like other people. They do not keep a long and strong memory, but they are like roses whose scent they love, just as the life of roses is short. But in the end, they are like flowers, pure in everything, and few mistakes, because they think a lot before moving on any decision.

  • Lavender scent lovers 

 Lovers of this fragrance appreciate the philosophy of unconditional love, and are expected to have a huge network of friends, not just friendships but close-knit friendships.  

Lavender lovers get along well with almost everyone. People who prefer lavender tend to be morally conservative, but they are also curious. They value friendship and tend to work well in groups.  

They are seen as contemplative when it comes to their closest friends, they are the one person who never fails to surprise friends on their birthdays, and they can always be relied upon to go out of their way to cheer someone up during difficult times. This is what their favorite flowers say about their personality.

  • Sandalwood lovers

If you are attracted to sandalwood, then your personality is a perfectionist, and you are more critical of yourself and your life, but while you are always working and criticizing yourself, you are always accountable to it. But this personality has helped you excel in many areas, be it in academia, athletics, or your career.  

Sandalwood lovers tend to have high expectations of themselves and others. They are easily influenced and offended by physical remarks. They can misinterpret what others say about them. “They need relaxation, and they need to understand that no one judges them harshly.” their own, and their success criteria are always out of reach, so they take a minute to praise themselves for all their accomplishments.

  • Fruity scent lover

This type of person is completely different from the fragrance he loves. They are not as beautiful as a strawberry, nor as sweet as an apple, nor as sweet as a mango. They are completely different from you. They tend to be more irritable, strange, and pessimistic.  

If you like anything with the scent of berries, apples, or tropical fruits, it's time to adjust your style. You tend to see the glass as half empty, plus you're sarcastic and easily irritated.

 And though this sarcastic sense of humor may seem funny to you, it's actually stressful to those around you. If you don't make an effort to cheer up and lighten the mood, you'll soon find yourself completely isolated. These everyday habits may increase your risk of depression.

  • Coconut scent lovers

Coconut lovers are the most elegant and fashionable of all people, they are elegant stylists, they wear expensive jewellery, they are authoritative leaders who take charge of situations.  

Also sensitive to criticism, coconut wearers enjoy the finer things in life, which means they have a wardrobe full of famous designer labels and a huge appetite for gemstones. 

If you are one of these, you attract attention in the room when you walk in, and you enjoy making decisions on behalf of others. The people around you trust your intuition and your taste, so you have fans constantly watching your every move. 

A woman's personality is from her perfume 

Some people consider perfume as a mirror of a person, whether a man or a woman, given that the perfume expresses the personality, suggests its hidden potential and inside, and reveals its personality. In the following lines, it is possible to identify the perfume and personality of each female and what corresponds to her personality.

  •  The shy woman

If your personality is shy, then tenderness is the best thing for you, choose delicate perfumes such as lavender and cherry blossom, and advice, find the necklace that suits you, but stick to perfumes that reflect your simple spirit.

  • Romantic women

If you are one of the romantics who revolve around passion and love, then choose a strong perfume with a touch of romantic roses with a decade of musk, and it will better reflect your personality, and my advice is to choose a floral scent, but with an extra touch.

  • Mysterious and deep woman

If you are the type of woman who likes to keep her sense of mystery around herself, then choose a perfume composed of multiple fragrance layers, choose a light perfume base, something like vanilla and top it off with a mixture of spices or woods, advice choose a strong and gradual perfume with multiple ingredients to maintain this mysterious effect.

I know your suitable perfume from your personality

Each person has his own way of expressing himself. This expression may be with perfume, adornment, or with the look of the eye. The important thing is that the expression be appropriate to the personality and consistent with it. The following is the method of choosing a perfume according to the personality:

  • If you are a lively and social person, oriental perfumes suit you.
  • If you are a sporty and active person, citrusy perfumes will suit you.
  • If you are a person who values ​​friendship and works in teamwork,    wood and sandalwood  perfumes are suitable for you

Fragrance and personality

A perfume can be chosen according to many different criteria, according to seasons, age or style for example, it is also possible to choose a perfume according to personality, according to a classification resulting from a long study of people's behavior in relation to perfumes, it is possible to identify four main categories of men and women in Fragrance choices 

  • freshness
  • air 
  • earthy 
  • fire

And each group of them has perfumes that suit the personality, so the airy is suitable for light perfumes, the freshness is suitable for citrus perfumes, the earthy is suitable for sandalwood and woody perfumes, and the fiery is suitable for fruity perfumes. 

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