Signs that you are in a toxic relationship

Signs that you are in a toxic relationship

Signs that you are in a toxic relationship

Signs that a relationship is toxic

There are many intertwined and different relationships in life, which carry between its folds, between understanding and harmony, and between problems and tension, and among the relationships that a person may enter into are toxic relationships that harm him, and do him nothing but harm, so that a person can know the right relationship From the harmful relationship, the signs for such relationships can be identified as follows:

  • The lack of respect

The other party in the relationship may behave disrespectfully, contradict the natural boundaries in your relationship, and not respect the boundaries between the two parties, as these boundaries are absolutely necessary, so that each individual can grow and obtain his natural, healthy space in the relationship. One of the two parties, transgressing within the limits of his relationship with the other, may cause psychological damage, especially if he has insistence on this transgression.

  • Constant feeling bad

Toxic relationships give a constant feeling of bad, uncomfortable, needy, and inferior, so you always find yourself surrounded by negative feelings towards seeing any couple practicing their normal lives, so you feel resentful that you do not have such a relationship in your life.

  • Avoid revealing desires

Everyone has important needs in relationships, the most important of which are communication, validation, love, sexual and emotional relationships. When these needs are mocked or ignored, the emptiness of those unfulfilled needs becomes unimportant.

If attempts to talk about neediness end in fights, empty promises, accusations of neediness, insecurities, jealousy or madness, you will bury the neediness from being constantly ignored. Either way, it's a toxic relationship.

  • One-sided bid

One-sided giving is very harmful, for one-sided love, one-sided sacrifice, one-sided giving, one-sided work to improve the relationship, caring, and other actions that indicate love, and the desire to preserve the whole relationship if it continues from One side, without any action on the other side, is where the relationship really becomes a toxic one.

  • Do not accept

The word “no” is part of all relationships. It is not necessary for your word that gives you a normal relationship to be yes, always. The word “no” must have a space in the life of each party, preserving his privacy, and his feeling that he has a will, existence, and entity. If the other party accepts From you yes, and he does not accept no in some important matters to you, then you are in a toxic relationship, because using the word no correctly is what preserves the relationship.

  • Constant focus on flaws and errors

Every human being has mistakes and faults just like others, so there is no perfect human being without faults, nor a human being without faults, but the important thing is that the two parties, after admonition and reconciliation, have the ability to overlook and forget, and not every time with the outbreak of a dispute, the bill for old differences and problems Present, present, and subject to dispute. Rather, everything that has passed must be closed first, otherwise, with every dispute, one party mentions to the other its mistakes, and what happened. Here, life will not be straight.

  • passive aggression

Passive aggression is one of the signs of toxic relationships, where punishment can be done without words, such as if a person hates his wife’s girlfriend, for example, and she asks him to go out with her, and he refuses, and deliberately chooses that girlfriend to go out with her, and such behaviors that harass and hurt deliberately, and not spontaneously or Unintentional, as a form of indirect punishment, or the desire to cause distress to the other person, are all ways of being unhealthy in a relationship.

  • endless conflicts

Every relationship has many and multiple conflicts, but for the conflict to be continuous and renewed on the same matter every time, without a solution, search for a way out, or a way to end this conflict, it is a real crisis, and the problem is not the problem because it is part of everyone’s life, but the lesson By being the same problem every time, without looking for solutions, and trying to adhere to them.

  • In every matter he finds the most difficult of it

Every person in this life needs someone next to him to feel him, support him, sympathize with him, and help him, but if this party when we reveal it to him, he responds to that with words like, I am in more pain, and I bear more, and what happened to me is worse than what happened to you, and my feelings are more difficult From you, and such statements that indicate that this party is the one who suffers the most and this is due to toxic personality traits.

Toxic relationship in marriage

When we are “in love” or we think we love someone, it is sometimes difficult to recognize the signs that they are not treating us the way they should be. his point of view.

  • Lack of verbal communication between the two parties.
  • Separation in the bedroom, especially if it is something new.
  • Lack of hugs, hugs between spouses.
  • Continuous position in self-defense mode, as if you were accused all the time.
  • Not respecting feelings, and encouraging them.
  • Not accepting your flaws.
  • Attachment to the past.
  • Cut off your relationship with all people until he is satisfied.
  • lying
  • Distrust
  • A future and dreams that are not shared, or the absence of a party within the life of the other in drawing the future.
  • Feeling alienated, feeling like you don't know your partner well enough.

Diseases of toxic relationships

Everything in people's lives affects them, whether from a mental, health or physical point of view, and among the things that cast a shadow on the body are social relationships, especially the permanent and close intertwined relationships. Clear, and the person may not know the real reason, including:

  • Constant headache.
  • Feeling overwhelmed.
  • Some stomach pain.
  • Some colon pain.
  • hair loss
  • Depression.
  • lethargy.
  • frequent fatigue
  • heart problems
  • skin problems.
  • Weakened immune system.
  • Weight loss, change in appetite.
  • memory problems 

When did he leave the relationship

After identifying the signs that indicate that you are in a toxic relationship, which largely refers to toxic personality traits, it is now possible to determine the solutions that are commensurate with the degree of toxicity of those relationships, and is it better to end or withdraw from them, or to maintain them.

The relationship may be toxic to one degree or another, which can be tolerated, and repaired as much as possible, through expert advice, or visiting a psychiatrist, and so on, but there is a degree of toxicity in relationships, with which it is difficult to continue and must be withdrawn.

When withdrawing from such relationships, the matter may seem difficult, because such personalities may not accept defeat and the end of the relationship, so they will try in every way to preserve the relationship, so here the decision to withdraw must be well thought out, and it must be decisive and irreversible, just as there should be a support person nearby, such as a friend, parent, or psychologist, to provide adequate support. 

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