Specifications of a true friend.. and how to test him

Specifications of a true friend.. and how to test him

Specifications of a true friend.. and how to test him

Characteristics of a true friend

  • They're Always There:  A true friend doesn't care if it's hard or arduous. More importantly, they're there for their mate wherever I need them. These are the friends with the unwritten power they can call at 3am if they just want or need you.
  • A true friend sees strengths:  A true friend loves you anyway, even being with many sees you differently, what is your strength, he may be the only one who can see it when others do not realize it, a true friend is the guide and guide to everything you do not see or You know him, he is the one who guides you to the right path, encourages your strength, and shows it to you.
  • Unconditional acceptance:  Everyone has many flaws that are not preferred, and here comes the role of a true friend. For each person or more, they criticize our flaws and criticize in any case. This is what a true friend does not do because he loves you unconditionally. He must sit, speak and listen to you, and that One day he gives you cash, it will be with pure love and pure intent.
  • A true friend is not jealous:  each of you has his own life in which one may achieve more success or progress than the other, but this does not affect, but you rejoice together for your success.
  • A true friend rejoices with you:  The sweetest thing in friendship is the feeling of happiness and fun together. Laughing together seems like an unparalleled pleasure with your friend, and your memory remains that you both laughed a lot through the past and present. Laughter really is the best medicine for true friends. They may understand some of the eyes and laughter as well.
  • A true friend is not superficial:  a true friend is the one who enters your depths, as they may get used to allowing people to enter only until a certain matter only, unlike a close friend who understands everything, some may hide their secrets from their families and tell them only to their friends, because their relationship is based on trust, and these habits Together the relationship and friendship weighs, that's why true friends are not superficial and allow each other to see the good and the bad and the ugly and the beautiful.
  • A true friend is humble:  each of us has something to be proud of and want to show off, like our job, whoever is a true friend will cheer you up and be proud of you but with humility, remind you that you are better than the next person but there are many better ones too, a true friend keeps us down to earth and teaches us humility.
  • A true friend makes your friendship a priority:  It is natural that all of us are busy in our lives at some point in our lives, such as some getting married or having children and have very difficult jobs that make us busy with work all the time, but a true friend is keen to meet and communicate even in the midst of life’s hustle and bustle There is always time for my friend.
  • A true friend wants us to be better:  You can also say that we trust your true friends and not only look at them as close friends, but also as role models, true friends are what they want us to be always the best, or we can see our friends as better and in the right way And the successful has no place for malice or hatred, but only good intentions, unselfishness, and striving for the best.
  • A true friend does not disappear suddenly:  When you are a close friend, he cannot disappear suddenly and without a convincing or logical reason, because the true role of a friend is to be near you wherever you are.

How to test a true friend

  • He is always honest:  Among  the qualities of a good friend  that a true friend can have is honesty, honesty is of course among the most prominent features, a true friend is a person who can tell you the truth and not lie to you so that you are fakely happy, it is said that A true friend will tell you the truth even when the situation is difficult, because they love you.
  • Non-judgmental:  A friend motivates you to be non-judgmental by making you feel confident and loving your opinion of others. They don't instill self-doubt, fear, or insecurity in you. Non-judgmental friends listen and do their best to see things from your point of view.
  • Unconditional Acceptance:  True Friends Accept Unconditionally, Even When Life Goes In Many Directions, True Friends Realize That Your Choices Are Personal And They Accept Your Decisions Because They Know What Is Right For Them Is Definitely Not Right For You.
  • Trustworthiness:  Trust allows us to feel safe with friends - safe to be vulnerable and to share our plans, our true selves, and our lives.
  • Understanding of Circumstances:  Real and old friends are aware of the fact that when they are not in contact with each other for a certain time but they understand each other, it is as if no period has passed, in other words, friends should not seek your attention all the time but they understand when your life is busy .

The importance of a true friend in life

Friends are of great importance in every field of life. Communication is much faster with people who have similar interests with them. Man by nature is always looking for friendship with which he can be happy and explore their inherent nature. Therefore, when they meet anyone else in their field of interest, they communicate. Easily because of their common interest in life matters, in our lives we choose our friends, so that the journey of life becomes unforgettable with friends, for friendship is a wonderful relationship without which life seems useless, the relationship with our friends that understands us the meaning of sharing, love and care, the most important of this is that it supports us to fight difficulties and reach success Having true friends is a blessing from God Almighty. Friends increase the sense of belonging and create a sense of happiness. We all grow and strive to find at least one friend whom we love and trust in some matters in our lives. Emotional and psychological connections are important and can only be experienced with friends.

qualities of friends

  • Like-minded:   Many of us know the adage, “Bad company spoils good manners.” Being with a group of like-minded people will reduce the occurrence of fierce rivalries and potential bragging. When both sides believe in the same things, it brings about a deeper relationship between the two of you.
  • Encourage each other:   as it is said, “surround yourself with people who only lift you higher.” Everyone needs a friend who inspires them to continue pursuing their dreams. Someone who really encourages you.
  • They depend on each other:   looking for a friend who can support you not only in the happy times but also in the sad times as well, so look for the friend who cares about you and makes you a priority in his life, if you trust that he always wants you and is always there when you need him, even if at 4 am, you have found a true and loyal friend.
  • There is no selfishness between them:   and one of the most important   criteria for choosing a friend   is always looking for a person who truly loves others what he loves for himself, and we all want to have a friend who treats us in the same way we do. Treat others and who is someone who appreciates you.

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