The difference between normal and abnormal personality.. and how is it affected in society?

The difference between normal and abnormal personality.. and how is it affected in society?

The difference between normal and abnormal personality.. and how is it affected in society?

The difference between normal and abnormal personality

  • normal behaviour

It is the usual and customary behavior because people get used to doing it and people get used to doing this behavior because of their ability to perform this act or behavior well and effectively so that they can make money and benefit through this work and these people are able to adapt and be able to communicate with others.

Natural Behavior People in nature are able to establish a good and wonderful relationship with others, and they have emotional reactions that are commensurate with the situation they are in, and they can control and control their reactions.

Nor do these relationships and emotional experiences that they go through affect the possibility of modification of their personalities, despite their exposure to problems and conflicts, and yet they do not get frustrated, but they can adapt to the surrounding circumstances and the problems that they may face.

These natural people represent the vast majority of human beings, and normal behavior is the reason for the development of performance that people perform in the long run. Therefore, we find that people who have an average amount of intelligence, who also possess stability in their personality and sobriety, and who can adapt to others are classified as normal people.

  • abnormal behaviour

An abnormal act and what is called anomaly is the exaggeration and persistence of development that is not parallel to the normal and familiar psychological behavior among people. Abnormal and abnormal behavior is defined as behavior that many people cannot adapt to.

Because it is not commensurate with the natural and common behavior among people, and this leads to the inability to adapt to society, the problems, difficulties and cultures surrounding them, which is called deviation from normal behavior in an unfamiliar way.

Brown has described abnormal psychological phenomena as a simple exaggeration that is above development or disguised, for example, an ordinary person who confronts a snake is expected to move away from the snake immediately, but on the other hand, it is quite the opposite, as a person with abnormal behavior can play with Snake without the slightest fear.

This is an indication of unfamiliar and abnormal behavior, but provided that there is no previous experience, not that a person who has received training in a profession since his childhood, of course, will not be afraid of the snake.

Because his failure to withdraw would not be an abnormal behavior, but Coleman clarified his vision by explaining that deviant and abnormal behaviors cause great harm to society and to the person, due to the person's inability to adapt to the surrounding circumstances.

Which leads to a lack of luxury in dealing and solutions that exist for the individual and the group, which on the one hand leads to a feeling of frustration and the person's entry into struggles and conflicts. As for Page, he said that the groups with abnormal behavior.

Abnormality is due to the presence of individuals who have weak intelligence and do not possess emotional stability and do not have unprofessional personalities. Of course, they may have suffered from a complex life full of personal problems and incompetents, so the abnormality is considered based on compatibility with well-being and the ability to manage oneself.

Abnormal behavior also restricts the reactions of those people who are unable to cope with the surrounding circumstances and exposes them to mental disorders and psychosis, and this may lead to them becoming sexually deviant.

Some of them may also become addicted to drugs and alcohol, and biological, social and psychological incompatibilities affect the performance of the individual. This category represents about 10 percent of the population. This category is divided into four sections: mental disorders, psychosis, mentally ill people, and also the ordinary people of their society.

The impact of the normal personality in society

Personality helps to leave a special imprint on people, so that you can leave your own imprint, you must have a unique style of their own, not to blindly imitate others, so that people follow it, and so that you can set an example for those around you and develop your personality that does not only make you good-looking, but also helps you to You face the world positively.

It also helps to travel great distances in reducing the tension and conflicts that they face and encourages individuals to look at the more optimistic side of life, so that you can face the worst difficulties with a smile and positivity, as a smile solves your problems and reduces stress.

 Developing your personality develops your positive attitude to your life instead of criticizing those around you and helps you in the ability to analyze the situation so that you can find an appropriate solution calmly without tension.

You must behave with those around you in a polite manner that commands respect and appreciation, not dealing rudely with people will negatively affect your personality externally and internally as well, and because dealing softly with those around you, even if it is an animal, will facilitate your journey in life.

Personality development in personal life, not only in professional life, and this development makes you a disciplined, accurate, and organized person with your appointments, because an unorganized person causes you to face difficulties to survive for a long time, and human development makes you a polite person with everyone, not only with your boss or colleagues, but with everyone.

Personality development helps you cultivate positive traits such as punctuality, sophistication in thinking, improvement in behaviour, increase in learnability, and makes you a person who is eager to help and help others.

It also makes you a friendly and polite person, because some people may suffer from spending time late, which leads to stress and negative impact on your personal life, so you must be calm.

Personality development helps you develop a wonderful person, improves your communication with others, helps you learn how to express your thoughts and feelings in an open and expressive way, and makes you more confident in yourself.

Abnormal personality traits

Personality disorders mean thinking, feeling, and how to act that make you a different person from others, and this is because of the experiences and experiences you go through, the environment around you, and the situations you are exposed to in your life.

Also, the family-inherited traits that remain constant with the person often throughout his life and personality disorders, are in the way of thinking, feeling and deviant behavior that is out of the ordinary and causes this behavior to fall into problems and difficulties, and the following are the types of personality disorders  :

  • Antisocial personality disorder is a pattern that occurs due to ignoring or infringing on the rights of others, and this is contrary to the habits known in society, and this person may be a liar in a repeated way, deceitful, and impulsive.
  • As for avoidant personality disorders, it is a behavior that is caused by extreme shyness, lack of self-confidence, a sense of inferiority, and extreme sensitivity to criticism.
  • Borderline personality disorder is caused by instability in interpersonal relationships with others, intense feelings, weak personality and impulsiveness, and a person with borderline personality disorder may make a great effort to avoid suicide or show excessive anger that is not appropriate to the situation.
  • Dependent personality disorder This is a behavior that is due to caring and behavior associated with clinging, and in which people with this dependent personality disorder face difficulty in making their daily decisions except with a sense of anxiety and discomfort.
  • Histrionic personality disorder and suffer from excessive emotions, they need attention, and they may feel sad when they do not receive attention and that they are not the focus of attention, and they may use drawing attention through physical appearance and be moody and emotional.
  • Narcissistic personality disorder is a person who is arrogant and needs to feel admired by everyone around him. This person with this narcissistic personality disorder may struggle with a sense of the importance of his unique personality.

All of this may affect society negatively, as when these personalities or disturbances spread, anger and problems may spread among people.

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