The pros and cons of a spontaneous personality

The pros and cons of a spontaneous personality

The pros and cons of a spontaneous personality

Who is a spontaneous person

An automatic person who does not think about appearances and does what appears to him as long as it does not harm anyone. A person who is the opposite of the organizer and sees the organization as follows: developing a plan and implementing it step by step. The procedure is all nice.

But the spontaneity within you also suffers as a result, and life has pleasures that we need to spontaneity. This is not a plea to live by the pleasure principle, it is still one thing against the planned, rational, systematic act of living in the moment.

Planning or spontaneity?

People prefer to move in safe and familiar paths and the total need for control is inculcated within us. Feelings of helplessness make us insecure, scare us and cause stress. That is why everything is planned and made as predictable as possible, the main reason is to try not to make mistakes to avoid embarrassment.

At some point we just listen to the rules and it becomes so in us that we don't dare to do something and it hasn't been thought and planned enough in advance that we fight and fight spontaneity because it now feels uncomfortable and fearful In short: we have trapped our minds and we still defend this narrow mindedness, especially because life The whole thing can never be planned anyway and nothing is more certain than the possibility of the unexpected.

Anyone who stares so hard at the execution of his plan is likely to ignore a unique opportunity that opens up far from the planned or accustomed path, and the fact is that it is precisely these opportunities that have produced dream jobs or a fulfilling life.

On the other hand, the lack of spontaneity makes the personality always predictable and socially inflexible, so that some researchers warn against preventing spontaneity that it may lead to an excessive need for security and result in an abnormal social structure.

Advantages of spontaneous personality

The talent for improvisation is often misunderstood as a sign of incompetence and vice versa:

  • Has an important problem-solving skill, when it comes to solving an unexpected problem, spontaneity can be very useful since they don't think in a fixed way and because they are unbiased, spontaneous creative solutions are only easy for automatics
  • Living by spontaneity means the ability to adapt and such people can adapt and improvise at any time where the spontaneity is someone who can improvise who is able to automatically find a solution to a problem at any time with the means currently available to him or her.
  • The ability to spontaneity can take you to heights you never imagined, and not just in your job.
  • Socially flexible.
  • Good heart.
  • Frank and clear.
  • pure in his intentions.
  • Transparency and adherence to honesty.

Tips for more spontaneity

You know that spontaneity doesn't need to be too formal, spontaneity is good for all of us, so here are some tips and suggestions to help you become more spontaneous and work on your spontaneity:

  •  Think less 

If a person confines himself to thinking and analyzing, this hinders spontaneity, but a person tends to rethink and think about everything that freezes many times, thinking about the future and thinking from time to time is good, but do not think and babble your thoughts and motives to death either, all this does not lead you to any Understated place could be good.

  •  don't be shy

Stop hesitating and jump over your own shadow, no matter what other people think! Spontaneity is not waiting for the best time to turn a project into reality, while others are still wondering if it was really a good idea, Spontaneity has already cut halfway through. Those who dare win, especially in self-confidence.

  • Leave the comfort zone

Those who move into familiar territory seldom experience surprises, hardly take risks and meet expectations, it is fun and quiet in the comfort zone but also dangerous: if you only move within the usual framework, you will not develop further and make yourself comfortable at a standstill.

  • Get over your shyness

Try new things and take risks The weekend doesn't have to be somewhere new but a walk in the rain or a night stroll through town is a great place to start.

  • I do less

The closer you get to making your plans and planning the day, the less room for spontaneous things. Unfortunately, free spaces have characteristics that have to be created and of course it would be irrational to reserve the time between 7pm and 9pm for spontaneous activities. What is spontaneous? But by planning buffers and generally doing less work during the day you open up spaces for immediate action.

  • live in the moment

Spontaneity lives in the here and now. They use, enjoy, and respect the moment. Contrary to mindfulness, those who stare into the future or mourn the past miss out on the present. So listen more to your intuition, your urgency, and live in the moment.

  • Gaining experience

Reading educates but no book or video can replace personal, spontaneous experiences that burn themselves into our memory because they were so crazy and spontaneous, we will remember them years later with a glow in our eyes when we talk about them and care about them, by talking about it: what would you try to get out of him today?

  • Gain freedom

Spontaneous sexy hardly anyone could resist her persuasiveness and charisma, not even the initial skeptic. Why? Because their positive energy is independent, mentally independent and self-determined, free yourself from expectations or beliefs. That's how it is as long as you don't do harm to others or something forbidden. Do what you want completely spontaneously.

Things that spontaneous people understand

Spontaneous people regularly fall short of prejudice. There is actually a huge misunderstanding about spontaneity behind that that usually dissolves when you understand what goes on in impulsive minds and where the sudden change of heart comes from. So here is a list of things that spontaneous people understand well:

  • You can be excited about anything.
  • There is nothing that the spontaneous wouldn't find exciting in some way, do you travel spontaneously by car or get to your favorite team's game on short notice? All the options promise to be as interesting as they are exciting so he stays open until the last minute you decide.
  • Not afraid of embarrassment Most people can embarrass themselves in public No act is too embarrassing for spontaneous people So it can happen that you're in the middle of the city Dancing to loud music on your cell phone When you're motivated to watch the sunset on the rooftop Thoughts of a possible fall and broken bones disappear .
  • You know plans change.
  • Making plans for life itself is spontaneous.
  • They love to meet new people.
  • Every new contact is an opportunity to learn something new, perhaps
  • You meet a skydiver still looking for a partner for the next jump or a colleague talks about his travels to Asia and Africa Spontaneous people stir up stories like these.
  • You give them ideas.
  • You always need to do something.
  • He has an idea If you rest, you rust This could be the life motto of spontaneous people.
  • Just sitting around doing nothing is pure terror for them, it doesn't always have to be exceptional but it never has to be boring.

The downsides of being spontaneous

  • Doing things out of enthusiasm that spontaneity today may regret. That's the price of impulsiveness. Sometimes you do stupid things, you have to be responsible for the consequences.
  • Not thinking enough about things results in getting into trouble again and again.
  • Spontaneously, he may disclose his secrets and the secrets of others.
  • act randomly.
  • He may criticize someone clearly and hurt him without intending to.
  • Unconsciously he may be curious about the lives of others.
  • Constantly ask questions.

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