The strengths of the ideal employee

The strengths of the ideal employee

The strengths of the ideal employee

The strengths of the ideal employee

Companies and institutions seek to develop themselves, and this is done by hiring efficient employees and good employees, if they are good with the required skills or in the way they perform, because this choice will lead to increased productivity, but how to know the main characteristics of the new employee through these characteristics and the following skills for the new employee, and these are criteria Evaluate the ideal employee in his position.

  • social experience

One of the most important skills required to know if this employee is good or not, the employee must have social experience and it is necessary to have communication skills in order to be able to communicate, communicate ideas and make suggestions so that he can help others.

He can also communicate with them, and this person must also have emotional intelligence and a great ability to influence others with whom he deals.

  • Work under pressure

Among the characteristics is that the employee has the ability to perform and complete difficult tasks so that the organization or company can rely on this employee to direct him and assign tasks to him.

  • Persuasion

Also, among the important characteristics is that the employee is tactful and able to convince the other party, so that he is  loved  by others, and can deal with them, because good speech, good dealing and calmness make you a professional and able to lead.

  • the Truthfulness and honesty

He must have the characteristic of honesty and integrity, telling the truth about all the tasks and topics that are directed to him, so that he has a reliable opinion and not be a liar and procrastinator in how the work proceeds.

  • The ability to create

One of the distinguishing characteristics of being chosen as a good employee is that you must be the owner of innovative ideas and suggestions outside the ordinary and the usual ways to be an effective, positive and developed person.

  • Contentment

Self-satisfaction helps you to develop yourself, unlike being a hateful person against your colleagues, which makes you preoccupied with the life and development of others and the lack of progress.

  • The ability to solve problems

That the employee is able to solve problems In order to be a good employee, you must do your best to be able to solve problems.

He also has the ability to resolve conflicts and disagreements so that he can deal with other employees during the existence of any conflicts, and he can solve them in a mature and radical manner and avoid avoiding these problems by avoiding him and blaming others in order to gain appreciation and respect.

  • ambitious

 Also, it must be ambitious because the ambitious employee has a personal professional plan or a specific goal that he seeks to implement so that they are in a manner that befits their status and responsibilities directed to them, so they develop in order for their ideas to advance and their goals to develop as well.

  • Take responsibility

The employees must bear responsibility for his actions and decisions so that the owner of the institution can count on them, and that what he says is implemented so that the manager feels that they have a high level of confidence and that their time is something to be reckoned with.

  • positivity

To have a positive attitude, because an employee with a positive attitude is able to improve the energy of the rest of the employees, push them forward, and support team spirit and cooperation.

  • It has an EQ

That this employee possesses emotional intelligence and emotional intelligence means EQ, which is to be able to perceive the feelings of others around you, whether these are for a team or for each individual, as well as those in the team, to make you a significant person among others.

  • Teamwork

Doing teamwork for teamwork must be able to have many benefits such as strengthening and strengthening relationships in a professional and professional manner and achieving the collective goal of the team to make you an asset to the company or organization.

Strengths and weaknesses of customer service

  • Persuasive speaking skills

 In order to be able to market, sell, and trade products or ideas, you must be a person who is able to persuade, because this attracts customers, so you must select the remaining employees who are able to speak and who are able to attract customers.

  • empathy

To be a decent customer service person, you have to be a person who is able to understand the feelings and circumstances of others, and you should not only think about the time that the problem will require in order to be able to solve it, not only the final result, but also the emotions to attract the attention of customers.

  • Adaptability

Because customer service speaks to everyone from different classes, thinking, and even the method of communication, so a good employee must adapt to all these personalities and meet their needs, even if necessary, to solve them in the way that this customer prefers, and this requires flexibility in thinking and the ability to develop.

The ability to use positive language

Of course, if the customer contacts customer service, this means that he is angry and upset about a problem or frustrated because of this problem, so you must contain the customer, motivate him, and speak positively to make him optimistic and feel comfortable.

  • self-control

Because customer service may face that the person is angry or even makes a negative comment, the employee must show self-discipline and deal in a positive way with customers and absorb customers and bear them in a calm manner so as not to bear the consequences that may befall him in the event that he does not control himself.

  • patience

Because your day can be difficult and you have faced many problems, but you should not pour out your anger on the client, but you must be patient and breathe deeply so that you can calm down to help yourself before you ask for help to others.

  •  Active listening

Listening is one of the important things to be a great customer service employee, so the owner of the organization must train employees to be able to listen, and you have to be attentive to the customer’s problems and quickly offer solutions so that the customer feels comfortable and reassured.

  • Attention

The owner of the establishment must pay attention to the problems of his employees so that they do not leave work and go to your competitors, which causes harm to the establishment, so you must listen to the problems and not put pressure on the employees to help them deal with customers in a positive way.

  • time management

You must help the customer to be able to manage time in solving the problem because being late, even for a few minutes, may cost you and your company a lot, so you have to be a flexible person and have speed in thinking and dealing.

  • Prepare for improvement

The customer service employee must be able to renew, improve, and develop your skills with the development of technology, and the owner of the institution can pay customer service employees by motivating them with financial incentives and the ability to help them develop.

The strengths of the administrative employee

  • Organization

Organization is one of the reasons for success in various tasks and to be able to know how to manage daily workloads, and to be able to make long-term plans to help you in all your work.

  • trick

Life does not mean lying, but that you must improvise and have quick wit to deal with any situation you are exposed to, and the trick enables you to succeed, develop and deal well.

  • workethics

Work is not a waste of effort, but there are other conditions for doing it, such as being a person capable of taking responsibility, having goals and striving for success. This improves your personality and performance.

  • The ability to deal with the computer

Because technology is the main component of work, you have to learn to deal with it in order to be able to keep pace with events and developments, because all industries have become completely dependent on technology.

  • multitasking

To be a productive and effective person, you must have the ability to deal with more than one task. This helps you improve your performance, work quality, and organization.

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