Toxic personality traits

Toxic personality traits

Who are the toxic personalities?

Toxic people are characterized as against logic. They do not realize how to extinguish the happiness of others with the negative impact they leave with everyone around them. Toxic people may derive their satisfaction from creating chaos and pressure on the lives of others. Despite the importance of knowing how to deal with these types of people, toxic personalities are truly They are not worth your time and energy, even thinking about them is a waste of time. Toxic people are good at creating insignificant complications, creating conflicts, and worst of all, sowing constant stress.

Toxic personality traits

  • Selfish People:  Toxic people are always so busy thinking about themselves that they rarely give any attention to others, communication with them is usually difficult and they are just stuck talking about their life events for hours about themselves without being interested enough to give the other person a question about themselves, so Their conversation is boring and tedious. Toxic people don't care about other people's feelings, don't feel the need to take care of them. Fearfully, this often shows a controlling style. They are only interested in how they feel, what they want, and their needs and can be overlooked. Anything just for their own benefit.
  • They should always be right:  toxic people are so powerful that they can't stand even in a fikila that they can be wrong, no matter how big the problem is, they will argue all their opinions and points of view until the listener is forced to give up, they don't care what others think or feel In him or even believing in him, everything outside their circle does not matter. Their need to be right has always overcome their logical instinct, and they will not tire or get bored until they achieve what he wants, which is to prove that they are not wrong.
  • Surrounding themselves with drama:  Usually, toxic people tend to delve into dramatic events and effects. For example, they may be exposed to a simple document that does not need to exaggerate feelings, so they ignite drama and exaggeration, and this of course affects those around them greatly and causes unnecessary noise.
  • They do not have the skill to say any nice word to others:  One of the most prominent signs that you are in a toxic relationship is that this person is always trying to find things that cause annoyance to a person, and they are good at finding mistakes easily, and it is known that everyone has more good points There are many bad points, and it is not difficult to focus on them, but in toxic personalities, the focus is entirely on weaknesses, and intentionally hurting and insulting even in some situations until it reaches the worst that can be done to others.

How to overcome toxic people in your life

  • Setting boundaries
    Daily presence with certain personalities does not mean that they are allowed to do what they want, be more careful and try to notice the behavior of toxic personalities that can harm you in the end, so the mind must be trained to think logically whether or not to deal with these people. Create boundaries logically and consciously, and this will contribute to  determining  whether it is possible to deal with these personalities or is it unlikely, so you must be careful when dealing with toxic people and always be prepared to adhere to principles and everyone has the right to refuse.
  • Emotional control
    Every person should realize that he can control his feelings, so do not allow anyone to make you feel certain feelings, and from here it is important for each person to simply choose the way to interact with his feelings and others, when a toxic person attacks, it must be noted whether we can understand The tension and anger he feels and to seek to understand the situation, it is very likely that these situations will affect us negatively, so they should not overpower us.
  • Reducing stress stimuli such as both caffeine and irregular sleep.
    Caffeine stimulates the secretion of adrenaline in the body, which helps to release adrenaline. This is a natural survival mechanism to either make a person fight or flee. This is what happens when you are subjected to psychological attacks from toxic personalities. Caffeine may cause an increase in The intensity of the attack in a person, which is why a person can be defensive and later regret things that happened during their argument, so sleep can be an important remedy in managing stress, it allows a person to refocus and wake up with a more lively mind, when sleep decreases, it is affected Concentration, self-control, and memory impairment. When the body is well-rested, it is easier for it to create a competitive positive attitude when confronted with a toxic person.
  • Focusing on solutions, not problems
    In the event that a person is always paying attention to the problems he is exposed to in life, this will create tension and internal negative feelings, but in the case of focusing more on the positives, he will end up with the formation of continuous positive feelings in addition to lower levels of stress, As for toxic people, always strive to avoid focusing on how difficult their presence and dealing with them can be. This will only cloud your thinking. Instead, consider regaining control by finding a conscious way to deal with them.
  • Trust a support system
    so that the person can know his weaknesses and problems, he must ask for help, he may turn to the support systems of family, friends or colleagues to get new opinions, there will always be someone who wants the best for your life and is ready to support you with resources until you get through this situation The hard thing is, there's no shame in asking for support when someone needs it because you never know how much experience the other person has with a problem.

Possibility to reduce the influence of toxic characters

A toxic person will always do anything to manipulate until they reach their goal. They don't care about the wants or needs of those around them, and this creates an uncomfortable and tense general atmosphere. If you are in a relationship with a toxic person, you will never get anything you want in return, but who must remember You don't have to accept this method, you can get away from it completely, you don't have to put up with what makes you miserable or sad because of this toxic person.

A toxic person is not a kind that accepts his mistakes, and from here he can fabricate these mistakes to others in order to excuse himself, so you come across a person who does not accept his mistakes and does not admit them, so you should get away from him immediately because he will poison your life. All the time, and it's going to be a vicious circle and you're the victim of it, so run right away.

Toxic personalities will never provide any kind of support to others, both encouragement and support are traits that they acknowledge. There are times when these two people cannot stand the success of others, so they will try to hurt them through abusive or critical words, so it is better not to share your dreams and aspirations. With these patients they will never appreciate your aspirations.

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