Transmission of negative energy from one person to another. Beware of the negative and frustrated

Transmission of negative energy from one person to another. Beware of the negative and frustrated

How does negative energy pass from one person to another?

Negative energy affects all age groups, from adults, adolescents, and even children. Some people may be able to deal with this negative energy strongly, and they may be able to stop any sources of negative energy. Negative energy may most of the time be due to negative words from friends or family members. And when the negative energy spreads in the place, one may not realize until after he finds that this energy has possessed him and infected him with negative thinking.

There are a lot of reasons that lead to many being exposed to negative energy, of course it is very frustrating and tiring. Unfortunately, many may think that they can broadcast this energy as a kind of motivation. This method is not good because it creates a dishonorable type of competition. the time .

Those who have to deal with people with negative energy are the ones who receive guidance and encouragement through an angry, hateful, or a lot of drama mentality. They may be the source of any offensive memories that remind us of past abuses, and thus we begin to enter into a sense of negative energy in a large way. For this reason, people are advised to try to stop This feeling by not exaggerating in making friends with those with negative energy so that this energy does not transfer to us and the person begins to live in a circle of disturbing negativity.

Characteristics of energy vampires

The  characteristics of negative people  have a clear shape and features, and a person begins to discover their strange behavior, and many may be affected by this negativity due to the lack of awareness of many of the negative energy and how it destructively affects a person’s life and the lives of those around him, from the following characteristics you will be able to identify negative people and positive energy suckers, and the person is in a state From alertness so that he can avoid falling into the blackness of negative energy, the characteristics of these people are as follows:
  • They are always anxious:  Negative people live constantly in anxiety, which leads them to unhealthy things. These personalities always seek out the need to feel protected and fully aware. Mindfulness and staying in the moment are great techniques for overcoming anxiety.
  • They try to tell you what to do:  When other people start to control what you should do with life or even the house you will live in or whether you need to change jobs or ask for a promotion, you can be sure that their attempts are in the negative direction, they do not understand this But this is a sure characteristic that if they cannot solve their own life problems, it is much simpler to turn to others and begin to control them.
  • They live in the default mode:  There may be some reasons that drive people to act in certain ways, and it is related to a place in the mind called the amygdala, which plays the role of an alarm clock and is constantly searching for feelings of danger, fear and bad things, and some scientists say that this is what is known as the default mode in The brain, from the evolutionary side, understandably so.
  • They enjoy secrecy:  If you meet a negative person in life, the conversation may be boring to a large extent because he is afraid to reveal a lot of information about his person and those around him, because they live in constant fear that these words will be used against them in any way and they rarely realize that what he wants can be said in a positive way.
  • They are pessimistic:  Negative people become in a state of acute pessimism all the time and interpret any event in life according to this negativity. .

negative energy sources

  1.  Sarcasm:  It results from a general distrust of people and their intentions.
  2.  Hostility:  It is a lack of friendship towards others, and an unwillingness to develop relationships.
  3.  Filtering:  The bad things are not noticed in any life events, even the happy ones.
  4.  Polarized thinking:  the belief that if something or a particular person is not perfect, then it must be bad and harmful.
  5.  Jumping to conclusions:  Assuming that something bad will happen as a result of circumstances at the moment.
  6. Exaggeration:  the belief that catastrophe is something that cannot be escaped from, no matter how hard we try.
  7. Blame:  Blaming others for illnesses is personal and has nothing to do with it.
  8. Emotional Thinking:  Acting on your emotions to see what is real and what is not.
  9. Fallacy of change:  thinking that if people or circumstances change, then the person can be happy.
  10. Heaven's Reward Fallacy:  A type of negativity that assumes that there will always be a reward for hard work and sacrifice. When the reward doesn't come, you become bitter and depressed.

Ways to get rid of negative energy

  • Preserving strength:  One of the problems that occur when a person has negative energy is that he can easily steal the joy of others or affect his state of mind in a negative way. You must make a decision to hold on to yourself and power and refuse to allow negative people to control you.
  • Live Positively, Think Positively:  Live with a view of optimism, hope, and gratitude. Only responsible for life, not any other human being.
  • Ignoring some things:  One of the best ways to eliminate negativity, it is usually considered bad to ignore others by giving them the treatment without any conversations, and studies have shown that giving someone the silent treatment of ignoring can be a simpler way to interact with a difficult person than carrying out a real conversation.
  • Staying away from negative sources:   Since it is often simple to take someone else's energy, know that it is beneficial to remove oneself from the area of ​​negative energy for these people. Human beings may be empathetic and seek to easily accommodate the feelings of those around them, but it is best to be aware of this and protect yourself by any means possible.
  • Trying to recover negative energy:   If a person finds himself very exposed to negativity despite his best efforts to keep it away, images can also be used to imagine the self canceling the negativity from within and returning it to the other person where it was from the beginning. To do this, you must stop and think for a little time. And identifying what you feel and where the negative emotions come from, once you create these images, you will imagine that you let the negativity come out of you and restore the lost positivity from your life again.

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