Types of frustration.. and their causes.. and ways to get rid of them

Types of frustration.. and their causes.. and ways to get rid of them

Types of frustration.. and their causes.. and ways to get rid of them

Definition of psychological frustration

Most people may experience many moments of frustration due to certain things that happen in life, in a second sense, people always seek to meet their needs in order to reach happiness and live comfortably, but it is natural that adapting or improving mental health and enjoying it is always difficult to reach, and this is due to That a person cannot feel satisfied in any way.

All human beings face many situations, whether with criticism, making mistakes, complaining, bullying, etc., and based on this, it may become difficult for a person to work to raise a sense of safety and a sense of value and importance. Of course, there are restrictions imposed by every society, as well as laws And social values ​​and assets, frustration may be due to the emergence of some simple punishments in society, for example the teacher's frustration if the students do not understand the lesson he explained, as well as the disagreement that occurs between people for any reasons.

types of frustration

  • Personal frustration:  This type of frustration is most prevalent because of personal life and its problems. The presence of close people and their support is considered the greatest support and assistance. Therefore, personal life is very important. Therefore, frustration may appear in personal life as a result of the high ceiling of different expectations. We always expect a lot. From others, a person always expects relationships to be in a complete and perfect image, and from here frustration begins to appear on the horizon, and from here it is called personal frustration.
  • Conflicting frustration:  In our current era, a person is exposed to conflict with others, which can be, for example, between workers with employees with owners, between citizens and between expatriates, and so on. At the present time, people live under huge pressure, because of what they are exposed to. Pressure at work or in personal life, which forms conflicting frustration and leads to negativity, and people may get frustrated from the slightest situation, and for this reason it is advised to look for positivity in everything so that this frustration is overcome peacefully.
  • Thwarting pressure:  A distinction must always be made between motivation and pressure, as departments are currently seeking to provide strong support to raise the productivity of workers, and very positive encouragement and urging them to produce more than they expect, and this gives people the ability to understand their potential, increases positivity, and support reduces pressure Mental, at a time when negative pressure causes a lot of burden, which leads to pressure frustration, for example, frustration can appear as a result of pressure from both sides, whether giving a lot unconsciously, which puts a person in a dilemma that he must overcome, and the matter is overcome by tension, for this Pressure, its causes and clarification in humans.
  • Environmental frustration : It is not possible to deny the role that the environment can play in regard to frustration, when a person lives in a healthy and happy environment. Therefore, the environment is very important, and a good environment gives positive energy, while the negative environment gives a reason for human environmental frustration.

Reasons for frustration

  • Resources are limited:   The scarcity of the resource and its scarcity or inadequacy in the workplace will affect the human performance of his work, and as a result, frustration may arise between those around him and exacerbate.
  • The relationship is not clear:  Incomprehensible relationships, whether at work, friendships, or family, always cause frustration. If the relationship is not clearly defined, it will not be possible to know what is appropriate and best for each person, and hence the frustration increases.
  •  Communication is not clear:  No one denies the effective role that communication plays in human life.
  • Goal difference:  Goal difference is the lack of connection of goal between one person and another, and this difference in goal appears as a result of individual differences in achieving goals, needs, desires, or goals. The difference in goal between each person leads to the frustration of others.
  • Unreasonable expectations: When a person makes illogical expectations, whether from events or relationships, the matter will end up in terrible frustration, so setting logical expectations will solve the matter and give him comfortable solutions.
  • Personal background:  Of course, every person has a different background than others, and it is difficult to communicate and integrate with each other. From here, frustration begins to appear, and it is not pleasant or comfortable for the person.

Ways to get rid of frustration

  • Resorting to calmness:  This will help reduce excessive competition and thinking, which is something that occurs at the beginning of any situation as a result of anxiety. There are several ways to do this, including one of the self-exercises and their effect through a touch of consecutive and deep breaths, breathing slowly through the nose, and holding the air for about five minutes. seconds, then exhale slowly through the mouth. Another way to calm down is to close your eyes and focus on a relaxing place, such as the beach or a landscape.
  • Clearing the mind:  The methods differ from one person to another. Some see that they clear their mind by walking, others by sleeping, others by playing with an animal, and there are many examples that are available to do. It requires cycling for one or two that are best effective for each person. This filtering gives the person a simple mental comfort. to complete his responsibilities.
  • Knowing your problem or the source of stress:  Determining the cause of stress is the basis for solving any problem or frustration, and this is because identifying the problem will determine the ways to solve it, and from here anxiety and frustration begin to decrease.
  • Determine the description of the problem:  The description of the situation or the problem may help clarify the cause of its occurrence, and from here the person may think of ways to get rid of any repercussions that may occur. The situation will be quickly resolved.
  • Thinking about realistic options:  Logic can be the real savior to get rid of frustration, as it will present the matter realistically, and from here the solution will be known clearly and without frustration.
  • Get it out of your head.  No time or energy should be wasted thinking and feeling frustrated. Something has happened and everything will happen. So solve the problem, forget everything that bothered you, and start over.
  • Transforming frustration into enjoyment:  for a person to think about everything you want him to do now after the feeling of frustration is over.

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