What are the types of thinking impediments?

What are the types of thinking impediments?

Thinking obstacles are divided into internal and external obstacles

Thinking is not only required in the business world, but also in our daily lives, as it helps to reach success in all aspects of life, helps in decision-making and maintaining personal and professional relationships, helps in solving problems and obtaining a well-studied and detailed vision of the situation, and the individual can develop it through learning and training programs. Among the obstacles to thinking are the following:

  • Refrain from thinking outside the box, as we are accustomed to thinking in a certain way due to social conditions, and cultural and social awareness is necessary to overcome this behavior.
  • Personal bias is one of the biggest obstacles to thinking, as it prevents the individual from making fair and transparent decisions and prevents logical thinking.
  • Vanity, it makes a person with a closed mentality, as he feels that he knows everything and does not need to learn new things, as it makes a person fail in the long run.
  • Fear acts as a barrier not only to thinking but also to a person’s growth and development in general. Fear makes a person not confident in himself and slow to think outside the box. Fear arises from many different reasons such as anxiety, depression, and other personal reasons that affect a person’s professional life.
  • Laziness as thinking requires a person to do a lot of research and learn new things to grow and develop.

Internal thinking obstacles related to the person and external ones related to the external environment

 Internal thinking  obstacles related  to the person  : selfish thinking and not understanding the desires and needs of others, it makes the person think about his point of view only and does not care about the ideas of others, and it is a natural feeling that is difficult to overcome, as it makes the person think about himself and he does not have the ability to empathize with others to understand their problems and issues and these people lack the Evaluating the feelings of others and working with them in a team is disturbing. It also hinders the person’s thinking that there is one solution to the problem and ignores the complexities of the situation. False logic is the belief that everything is in one direction only. Judging something or someone based on their past is irrational thinking and prevents the person from understanding and insight.

Obstacles to external thinking related to the external environment  : the individual's attention is distracted during business meetings and important discussions due to the person's daily routine, and to overcome this, managers and heads of the resource department must provide motivational factors for employees in exchange for difficult tasks, work pressure, when setting a specific date to complete a task, what affects the skills Thinking But the positive side of this is that it can develop the ability to think amidst difficult deadlines, being influenced by the opinions of others. It is possible that you have previously been influenced by the opinion of a political leader who says something is true and later discovers that it is a lie or a misleading way of thinking.

One of the obstacles to internal thinking

  • The lack of goals.
  • fear of failure.
  • Fear of criticism.
  • immutability.
  • negative.

Lack of goals  : One of the obstacles to thinking is that the person does not define clear and written goals accompanied by detailed practical plans, but by setting goals, the mind shines with ideas and improves your skills.

Fear of failure  : Fear of making a mistake or losing money and time hinders work and thinking about solving problems.

Fear of criticism  : One of the obstacles to thinking is fear of rejection, criticism, or fear of ridicule, appearing stupid, and the individual's desire to be loved and accepted by others.

Inability to change  : One of the obstacles to thinking is the fear of doing or saying anything new or different, which is an unconscious desire and an unconscious pressure to stay in doing what you were doing in the past, as it is a major killer of human potential.

Negativity  : If you do not motivate yourself constantly, your mind will lose its vitality and energy. The main reason for negative thinking is routine. Most people wake up every morning at the same time, follow a routine system in their jobs, communicate with the same people, and watch the same TV programs. As a result, they become boring and dissatisfied with themselves. When he suggests Someone has a new idea or a new method to which they will react with negativity and frustration.

Obstacles to external thinking

  • Weak leadership and discouragement of innovation.
  • Old politics and red tape.
  • Block Power-Test.
  • Squeeze for immediate results.
  • personal biases.

Weak leadership and discouragement of innovation  : If the manager does not give the employee time and encouragement to be creative and innovative, ideas and mechanisms for new projects will not appear. Working in an environment full of criticism increases the lack of self-confidence and anger. mission in new ways.

Old politics and red tape  : Old politics and undue red tape can dull new ideas and affect the ability to respond to new information and challenges.

Authority prohibits experimentation  : Authority can prevent collaboration and experimentation with new creative ideas because they do not believe that innovation will help the organization.

Pressure to get immediate results  : Pressure to achieve results stifles creativity, innovation and focus on short-term results.

Personal biases  : Sometimes the manager is biased towards a certain belief system. This leads to a lack of cooperation, waste of co-workers' effort, and hinders the individual's ability to see things differently.

Overcoming thinking barriers

  • One of the obstacles to thinking is selfish thinking, which is people who focus on their own stories and interests a lot and fail to see the ideas of others. To overcome this type of thinking, we must start taking into account the needs of others and realize their points of view.
  • Not being arrogant or bigoted and believing that maybe others will have better ideas.
  • Scheduling tasks at work, as this reduces the time and effort required to complete tasks and reduces the feeling of stress and pressure that cause wrong decisions.
  • And we must learn how to plan things correctly before we start, as this saves time and resources, and we must surround ourselves with people who help us develop ourselves.
  • Knowing that our way of life is not the only right way to live is one of humanity's biggest problems with its inability to accept each other.
  • Sticking to your principles When you know something isn't right, the teacher should teach students how to collect and evaluate information and to avoid thinking for themselves and discussing the quality of the textbook.
  • It is also possible to discuss the teacher's educational style, discuss traditional beliefs and see if they are true or not, and tell the students how easy it is for wrong ideas to filter their beliefs.

types of thinking

  • critical thinking.
  • Analytical thinking.
  • creative thinking.

Critical thinking   : It is thinking that revolves around analyzing a number of factors. It is thinking about the value of an idea. Critical thinking allows us to put information in its correct context.

Analytical Thinking   : While critical thinking helps in evaluating an idea, analytical thinking is about examining the parts of an idea and is about looking for multiple examples and comparing them.

Creative thinking   : It is about discovering solutions that are not clear in normal circumstances to help people. Edward de Bono is considered one of the pioneers in the field of creative thinking. Various Creative thinking refers to the use of available resources to find new ideas, and as Leslie Owen indicated that creative thinking depends on risk.

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