Who is the toxic person

Who is the toxic person

Characteristics of a toxic person

  • They make you confused, trying to understand their condition.
  • Manipulators.
  • They project their feelings onto others.
  • They always put you to the test.
  • They never apologize.
  • frustrated.
  • They practice punitive silence.
  • They say innocent words in a roundabout way.
  • They add to the argument unrelated topics.
  • They blame your style, your voice.
  • They exaggerate about themselves.
  • They make judgments.

A toxic person is a toxic person, a person who makes your life tense, makes you upset, and puts you in a defensive position always, and you certainly have at least one toxic person in your life, discover their characteristics, and what they do to you, discover them, to know the appropriate way to deal with them, or try to keep them away from Influencing your life, here are some of their characteristics and actions:

They make you confused, you try to understand their situation  : today you see them as cheerful, loving, and tomorrow they are eccentric, and the day that follows they appear sad, angry, and when you try what happened to them, the answer will always be: (nothing), but their actions, their reactions, and their way of Deal You say many things, but they deny, and you remain perpetually puzzled, worried, not knowing if it is your fault or not, and what you can do to make them happy.

Manipulators  : They make you feel that you owe them, even though you are the one making the sacrifices. On the work front, your manager may delude you that he gave you the opportunity to gain experience, but he made you work longer hours for free, or your roommate delusional that he leaves you the task of preparing food, cleaning rooms, Because you make delicious food, because he likes the way you organize things, and he just makes you do all the errands while he's lounging and watching TV.

They project their feelings on others  : you will often find yourself in a defensive position, they follow the policy of turning the tables, so if the toxic person feels angry, or makes a mistake, he will deal with you as if you are angry, or that you are the cause of the problem that he started, and you start Trying to ward off the blame until you actually get angry and have to justify yourself, or apologize.

They always put you to the test  : you always have to choose between them and something else, if your Sunday off every week someone close to you may put you in a position of pressure, and obliges you to spend that day at his house, and you have to cancel your plans in order to please him, you will always have to compromise Your choices, And your comfort is for their sake, otherwise they will reveal the drama, and practice emotional blackmail against you, and this type of blackmail often happens within the family.

They never apologize  : they are always right, willing to lie to prove their position right, they even change the story completely, and if you don't know the truth their logical narrative will convince you.

Frustrated  : When you tell them any happy news, or an idea you are excited about, they will make it unimportant, and they will not share your joy, but may abort your plans to enjoy, spoil your joy with your successes, and ridicule your achievements.

They practice punitive silence  : In the middle of your confusion, and your quest to understand what happened to them, and why their way of dealing changed, they will practice punitive silence against you, insisting that they do not want to talk, and if you communicate with them by phone or messages, they will stop responding, or respond with messages Short and meaningless, ignoring your concern and your desire to understand.

They say innocent words in a roundabout way  : someone calls to ask about you and says: (I missed you man, of course you didn't have time to ask about me), or (What did you do today?), Their tone of voice does not express any good intentions, and if you ask them about their intention, or doubt In their intent, they will blame you, completely deny any crooked intent of speaking, and leave you bewildered, offended which you cannot repay, simply because they do not admit to having committed them.

They add to the argument irrelevant topics  : If you argue with them about an issue, expect them to recount to you events that have nothing to do with them, but with your mistakes, until they turn the rudder on you, and you become the one sitting in the trial chair.

They blame your style, your voice  : instead of looking at what you say, you become an accused trying to defend himself, just because you spoke in a sharp tone, or in a loud voice, or you nodded in a way that they did not like, they immediately withdraw your rights, and you have to apologize and justify, even though you are the owner Right, and your unresolved problem joins the rest of the problems, until it collapses completely, or you end this toxic relationship.

They exaggerate their own  : they may hurt you hundreds of times, and insult your person in a roundabout way thousands of times, but when you do something they don't like, no matter how simple, they overreact, and use it against you all the time.

They issue judgments  : they are quick to pass judgment on you in some way, or stick to you your mistake for the rest of your life, and show you their knowledge of your mistake, and they make you feel that they are better, and that you are less than them, because you made a mistake.

How do you deal with a toxic person in your life?

  • Stop trying to please him.
  • You are not in debt.
  • Stop justifying something you didn't do.
  • Stop fighting losing battles.
  • Don't wait for support.
  • Stop looking for an explanation.
  • Stop looking for an explanation.
  • Don't get carried away by their complaints.
  • Try to confront them.
  • Your interest first.

You may not be able to stay away from every person whose presence hurts you, because he is a friend, family member, work colleague, or others. Here are some tips to be able to deal with toxic personalities:

Stop trying to please him  : You are not responsible for anyone's feelings, stop your hard attempts to find out what he is not saying, stop trying to please him.

You are not indebted  : if you are putting your energy and feelings into it, don't let him manipulate you, make you feel like he's doing you a favour, or that you owe him a favor while he's using something, or to make you feel grateful without making any effort for you.

Stop justifying an act you didn't do  : If he dumps his feelings on you, turns the tables, and accuses you of what he did himself, stop justifying. Don't put yourself in an unnecessarily defensive position.

Stop fighting losing battles  : A toxic person wants to prove their position right, to prove their victory. You don't have to get into losing arguments, and you also don't have to apologize for a mistake you didn't make.

Do not wait for support  : the toxic person will not support you, nor will he share your enthusiasm or happiness, nor will he praise your achievements.

Stop looking for an explanation  : stop chasing them, trying to beg them to respond, and explaining their position when they show incomprehensible reactions, and for no reason, who cares about you will not make you anxious and tense, and will take the initiative to explain his position, and leave you space to respond and discuss.

Don't get carried away by their complaints   : When they enter their drama cave, and seem to complain constantly about being persecuted, wronged, and abused, don't get carried away with their side of the story, and validate their exaggerated judgments of others. feelings), don't give them room to complain further, and don't let their opinions of others influence your judgement.

Try to be honest with them   : Try to talk to the toxic person openly, if he is close to you, and describe your feelings in a non-accusatory way, for example: instead of saying: (You cause a feeling of anxiety and discomfort ), say: (I am worried, and discomfort when this happens).

Your interest first   : You can support him if you can in his time of need, but put your comfort first, for he will not prefer you in any way, but rather he will use you when he has the opportunity at any time, so do don't give your comfort to him.

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